Torrox Spanish/Southwestern Build Set Part 10 – Special Doors

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Uploaded: 3rd Dec 2010 at 9:20 PM

By request Part 10 of the Torrox Spanish/Southwestern Build Set is recolors of special Maxis doors – toilet doors, dormitory doors, hotel doors and apartment doors.

Please note that these are all recolors, not new meshes. Apparantly it isn’t possible to make custom versions of these doors that NPC will recognize and use. In stead I’ve tried to make a set of recolors that match the original Torrox doors. There’s a screenshot of the original Torrox door and it’s recolors at the bottom of this page.

Toilet Door Recolors
(Maxis original in top left corner)

Known issue: The toilet doors are linked to the Maxis Value Door, so these recolors are actually made for that. However, Maxis messed up the mesh when copying it to the toilet doors, which means that while these recolors can also be used for the Value door, they don’t sit exactly like they should on it. On the other hand, if I’d made them fit the Value door perfectly they wouldn’t have looked good on the toilet doors.

Dormitory Door Recolors (Requires University)
(Maxis original in top left corner)

Hotel Door Recolors (Requires Bon Voyage)
(Maxis original in top left corner)

Apartment Door Recolors (Requires Apartment Life)
(Maxis original in top left corner)

For those of you who have all the other Torrox sets, please note that as of December 3rd 2010 there are new and improved versions of the solid staircase in Part 5 and of the gates in Part 6 of the set. See the tab 'Related pages' for links.

Additional Credits:
SimPE, CEP, MilkShape, Photoshop