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Call Any Sim, Anytime! *Compatible with 1.55*

21,032 Downloads 1,043 Thanks  Thanks 184 Favourited 72,898 Views
Uploaded: 21st Dec 2010 at 2:13 PM
Updated: 11th Aug 2013 at 9:35 AM - Compatibility Update
*Tested and working with patch 1.55*

I was upset that with the vampires, you couldn't call them at 3am or whatever. What vampire is up during the day? Not mine!

This mod will enable you to call any sim at all times of the night. Now your vampires (or normal sims) can invite or chat with other sims or vampires. Vampires have social needs too!!

I edited the PhoneService XML file. This file might conflict with other mods if they also edit the above XML file. This is not a core mod. I have had a few people test this and no conflicts detected.

Additional Credits:
Thank you to velocitygrass for helping me with the time changes. Thank you to the people who have tested this. I would name them here but they are not members here. They just play the game.

There was an issue after GEN and wasn't happening to all sims. Some cellphones were rendered unusable and not clickable. Hopefully this has been resolved. If you encounter this or any other issue, please leave feedback. If you do not have issues, then you do not need to re-download.