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Bare Essentials Beds

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Uploaded: 6th Jan 2011 at 7:00 PM
Updated: 4th Jun 2012 at 7:58 PM - Added a no ground shadow version
All beds updated for patch 1.26/Pets

Release the Balloons!

Just had to celebrate a little, because making these beds kicked my butt! Anyhoos, after seeing these fully functional Japanese futon beds uploaded a few days ago, I was really excited! I've always wanted a bed with no frills to it, just a mattress and box-spring and now that the Late Night patch has given us the ability to shift objects, it's become possible!

There are two beds, a single (110 simoleons) and a double (160 simoleons). Both beds come with two presets, and each preset has different CAST options.

Preset #1
  1. Comforter
  2. Box-Spring (Bottom Mattress)
  3. Sheets and Fitted Sheet
  4. Pillows
Preset #2
  1. Comforter
  2. Box-Spring (Bottom Mattress)
  3. Fitted Sheet
  4. Pillows and Sheets
Err...they're floating..

When you first purchase the bed, they will float in mid-air. In buy mode, you have to hold down the shift-key and lower the bed to ground level. Because you need the LN Shifting feature, you must have either your game fully patched OR have Late Night Installed.

Also, if you try to place a nightstand next to the bed, it will sink slightly into the ground when you hover near the bed. However once you place it, it will pop back into it's intended position and function normal. Just make sure you do this with moveobjects OFF!

Important Information About High Rise Apartments

Unfortunately, these do not work with high rise apartments. I know, that sucks, because I wanted these for my apartments more than anything. What's happening is that when the sim sinks into the floor to get into the bed, the game thinks the sim is in the empty hidden room shell, an therefore the sim turns black. The sim will sleep in the bed like normal, he'll just look funny. However, if you have a townhouse kind of apartment set up and the bed is on a floor, with a usable floor underneath it, the bed works just fine. Once again, it's the big apartment shells that are breaking it and I haven't found a solution to stop it.

There is a work around,though! I've created some decorative railings and casters that you can slip under the bed at normal height. Using the railings/casters setup you can use these beds in apartments with no mishaps, and still retain that minimalistic look.

Suggested Add-Ons

I have made a few add-ons for these and I found some items that you might could use made by other creators. Feel free to make your own and I'll post them up here, as well.

Bare Essentials Railings
Bare Essentials Legs with Casters
Cute Study Set - If you place the ladder just right, you can get the sim to look like it's climbing up the ladder. And, if you place the deco bunk (found under tables) under my bed just right using the Alt key + moveobjects, you can get a neat bunk bed set up!

Making Bunk Beds

When I made this bed I only thought about shifting down, not up. So when I saw people using these as bunk beds, I was horrified to see the ugly ground shadow just floating (click HERE for a picture). So...there's a version of the beds with no ground shadows. Use this version as the top bunk so you won't have the random floating shadow that occurs with using the shifted up original beds.


Polygon Counts:

Double Bed

High Lod: 984 vertices / 1148 faces
Low Lod: 741 vertices / 996 faces
Shadow: 16 vertices / 18 faces

Single Bed

High Lod: 658 vertices / 968 faces
Low Lod: 525 vertices / 709 faces
Shadow: 16 vertices / 18 faces

Additional Credits:
Whiterider, HP and Huge Lunatic for the help. Rikachu for testing. Sugichaco for the inspiration. And Inge for sharing this technique.

BloomsBase for being there to bounce ideas off of.

Made with TSRW 2.0

Objects Used In Screenshots:
-Books and Cosmetics by RD
-Bottle Lamp by Besen
-Wall Writings by Gelydh
-Faded Poster by Gelydh
-Deco Guitar by Land of Woe
-Rug (Cute Study Set) by Simpossible
-Table Lamp by Awesims