I Love Retro! (Part 2)

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Uploaded: 15th Jan 2011 at 1:14 PM
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The House Dress

The husband has left for work and the kids have gone off to school! Before you head out to the stores, there's some house work to be done! Every good house wife has a house dress to throw on when cleaning up. You wouldn't want to ruin your good shopping dress would you?

The house dress is a simple zip-up frock. It's loose fitting and almost formless, to give that domestic look!

There are three channels: Dress, collar/sleeve/pocket trim/hem and pockets/sleeve buttons.

The dress can be found in everyday, sleepwear and athletic*.

The House Shoes

No matter what you're doing you can't just wear anything old thing around the house! A good 50s housewife prefers to look classy even while cleaning. So what better to go with a house dress than house shoes?

These plain dress shoes are just that...plain. The low heeled leather slip-ons are worn in just right to point where it feels like walking on air. Wearing these, your sim ladies can vacuum and cook in style!

The shoes are a reshape of EA's heeled loafers, made to have smaller feet and a rounder toe. They have two channels: main shoe and heel.

The shoes are found in everyday, formal and athletic*.


All items have custom thumbnails for easy identification in CAS.

Everything is for adult/YA females! Elder and Teen versions coming at a later date.

All meshes have proper morph states and have been fully tested with EA sliders, slider hacks and custom sliders.

*Why athletic you ask? I intended for this collection to be a complete A-Z set for my sims and the house dress was going to "fake" as the athletic outfit. These are not set for random townie use so you don't have to worry about game generated sims swimming in shoes or something silly like that.

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Polygon Counts:
House Dress - 4004 polys / 2630 vertices
Shoes - 472 polys / 390 vertices

Additional Credits:
Thanks to everyone in chat for pointing out things I needed to work on.