Billy Wallshelf - now slotified

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Uploaded: 21st Mar 2011 at 7:27 PM
Updated: 12th Aug 2011 at 3:37 AM by leesester - added Slot version

(cough) Here is a small wallshelf found in the IKEA SP. It is decorative, and has no functional slots. I uploaded as fast as I could before some other simmer did it first Slot version coming along later..... IS UPDATED


As requested I have added two more versions of this wall shelf - Prices and recolours remain as the original file, you can put both of these new additions in your downloads folder, just remove the old file. These ones will NOT go down with the walls (like paintings do) as if they did any objects on the shelf will float in space - which looks daft. You can of course still move them up and down the wall for placement if you have AL or above installed.

Lazeelamb Version
- has the deco on the shelves and three slots on top.

Emptied six slots - like it says on the tin, emptied with 6 slots. See the footprint picture

The shelf is repo linked to 2 IKEA SP items. The frame is linked to the BILLY Bookcase and is fully recolourable, picking up any recolours of the billy bookcase you may have in your downloads folder.

The books and CDs are linked to the billy bookcase books and are NOT recolourable. If you have a default replacement of the bookcase with less blurry books in then these books will de-blur too.
The vase and Rabbit DO recolour as I had to make the textures for them. I have added ONE recolour as shown in the pics.

Prices and catalog location
In decorative wallhangings, 58 simoleons

Picture Credits
Door and bookcase by me, the tables are the Holy Simoly Phoenix table, which I got in a house I downloaded and Honeywell's Lost and Found BENNO table. I stacked the wallshelves using the OFB many things on one wall wall shelf placement trick (hold down ctrl+ALT - once in place click right and left side of mouse simultaneously) in combination with the AL move up and down wall keys.

Polygon Counts etc:
Billy Wallshelf267958 simoleons

Additional Credits:
MAXIS/EA, SimPE, MTS for all the tutorials and giving a place to share, MTS for hanging STICKERS in front of my nose and making me DO stuff to get them - and HONEYWELL - I owe you BIG TIME.