Aiden Rhodes- Careless Cook

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Meet Aiden Rhodes. Aiden is just another sim trying to make it as a cook. She has the talent, she has the drive, but her only problem is her tendency to leave food on the stove for just a bit too long...

... And there goes the soufflé

It's alright, you still have the spinach puffs.

Aiden grew up in a strictly vegetarian household, so she knows a lot of vegetarian meals and is a vegetarian herself. Her parents say that ever since she was a baby, she was cooking something. Of course, the edibility of mud pie is debatable. Aiden also cultivated an adept gardening skill in her quest for the perfect basil, and her love for charity encouraged her to donate 15% of all her crops to the 'Produce for Change' fund run by her neighbor, Sly McGee (I never said she was the brightest.) However a great cook she may be, Aiden usually runs into issues when it comes to heating things and timing. Her mind is subject to wandering all over, especially when she's doing something tedious like baking.

Her traits are vegetarian, good, green thumb, great cook, and absent minded
It's a shame about her being so absent minded, if she wasn't she could be the 5-star chef she's always dreamed of being.

And speaking of absent minded...

Aiden, is something burning?


dress by traelia here
leggings by amvalvo here
eyeliner by aarin here
freckles by LadyFrontbum here

I used this hair by cazy

I used facial sliders by bella here and a x4 slider range hack. You may not need the x4 slider hack, but I would grab it just in case.

Eyes by -shady-
facial skin by Ephemera
body skin by Navetsea


Have fun! (and also don't burn your spinach puffs)