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Motorcycle Poses

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Uploaded: 12th May 2011 at 4:59 PM
Updated: 26th Aug 2011 at 7:39 PM
STOP! Do you have a Pose Player? If you don't, go here and get one. Poses are unusable without a Pose Player, so if you skip this step now, you'll be sorry!

*6/6 -- Edited to be compatible with the "Pose List" feature of the newest Pose Player!*

Who doesn't love boys on motorcycles? Here are 4 custom poses for the Ambitions chopper and the Fast Lane Racing Bike! Now you can ogle your guys as they lounge on a bike, lean against a bike, examine their bike, and talk to you while sitting on the bike! Woo!

Pose tags are as follows:

a_splad_bike1 -- Lounging, chopper
a_splad_bike2 -- Leaning, chopper
a_splad_bike3 -- Examining, chopper
a_splad_bike4 -- Talking, chopper

a_splad_racer1 -- Leaning, racer
a_splad_racer2 -- Talking, racer
a_splad_racer3 -- Examining, racer
a_splad_racer4 -- Lounging, racer

If you go from one pose to the next by using the pre-set list, you will only have to place the sim (using "moveobjects on") for the first pose. The sim will position themselves automatically for the other three. Once you cancel, the sim will "jump" off the bike and stand in it as though it were an object. This is okay! Just direct the sim to walk away and all will be well.

The poses are usable without Ambitions and Fast Lane Stuff, of course, and they may be usable for custom motorcycles. The sim models are posed with the height of the motorcycles in mind, though, so you may need an OMSP if you decide not to use bikes with these poses.

Model's hair -- "Midhawk" from the Loud Fast Clash set, available at the Sims 3 Store
Model's shirt -- "Jack Daniels," made by me, available at TSR
Model's tattoos -- "PDChinesetattooArm," made by Tatu666, available at TSR

Additional Credits:
Cmomoney for the incredible Pose Player
OrangeMittens for the excellent "Creating Your Own Custom Poses" tutorial
WesHowe for the AnimTool
Mesher for the AM rigs
Inge Jones for S3PE and the rest of the Sims community at large for assistance and encouragement.