July Time Traveling Machine

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Uploaded: 31st Jul 2011 at 2:25 PM
Updated: 7th Jun 2016 at 5:57 AM
Once again, I've come in barely under the wire for these theme uploads. This month's theme is Time Travel, and I love killing two birds with one stone, so I wanted to do a time traveling vehicle to get my Grease Monkey badge. As my good friend Lee had already made, lost, and mostly remade the famous DeLorean well before the theme was even announced, I wanted to go a different direction. My irl roommate has been talking about nothing except the upcoming GenCon, asking if she could borrow my corsets for the Steampunk Ball and what not. I love the movie The Time Machine (the more recent one) so with all that I decided to do a mildly-Steampunk themed time traveling vehicle. If I hadn't cut this so close to the wire I had plans to make it actually travel in time, but for now, that's purely science-fiction, sorry :P.

Now, because this vehicle only functions as a vehicle, it works well for all your other mad scientist types, who's to say that what's in the back isn't a death ray, or one of Dr. Doofensmirtz Inator-inators. It could make everyone in the Tri-State area suddenly break out in penguin suits and do a song and dance routine from Happy Feet. Or, maybe just jank up the weather like the witches like to do. It's all up to your imagination and story lines. Circe and Loki seem to be the perfect candidates for a Steampunk Evil Do-ers vehicle like this one. They threatened me with finding, recapturing and hurting Nervous if I dared take it away from them when I was done with the photo shoot. As Nervous has a wife and two young daughters, Claire and Vivid, I couldn't risk it. Be careful with your own resident crazies when you let them see this machine. Jealousy and want of power are two dangerous things!


Polygon Counts:
Verts: 12,095
Polys: 13,401

Pretty darn low for a car!

Additional Credits:
Huge creds to my good friend Fresh-Prince, who has made a very very lovely old school car that a few bits were borrowed from for my mesh. I love the shape, and the color, and the name of that car. The vast majority of the mesh was made from pushing and pulling at the EAxis Hot Rod CC car and then plunking the SSN's Weather Machine down in the back.

Creds to Lee and to fansee and Q and dal and armi and everyone else in chat who helped me with this silly thing.