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Build Avalon

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Uploaded: 12th Jul 2012 at 3:41 PM
Updated: 12th Jul 2012 at 8:17 PM - Fixing outdated multipart file tutorial link issue
Requires: TS3, WA, AMB, LN, GEN, PETS, patch 10.0.96 or later

Avalon is a medium-sized, fantasy world, started as a realm for fae, but could easily become an alien or other fantasy setting.

For more images than are in this post, you can view a gallery at Bakasims.com

There is only one lot- a camp built so people can easily use it with the Traveler mod from Nraas. It is not a 'locked' lot, so is easily destroyed by anyone not interested in having it, and editable by those who are. (Exporting the world apparently caused the base camp's trash can and bulletin board/mailbox to move to generic/wtf locations. Sorry about that.)

Avalon is a base world/suburb, wild horses and deer will appear, and there will be the usual 'suburb' amounts of traffic (and the ice cream truck) unless you use mods.

There is an issue with trees and plants darkening at some distances and angles, there's nothing I could do about that, unfortunately.

There are fog emitters used in the base camp- due to an EA glitch they will not show properly until you have saved and exited to main menu once. After that they will show up properly in your game.

Apparently the old multi-part file info I'd had is gone, here's some instructions I've cribbed from the overview for Pyronium's world "Setra" . (CHeck the world out is lovely!)[list][*]Make a folder to any location you can easily find - desktop for example[*]Download all 9 files in this thread and save them to the folder you just created[*]Right click on the first file and select "Extract here..."[*]When prompted, browse the next file by finding the folder they are in and selecting the next file asked for[*]Repeat until all files are extracted[*]Copy the sims3pack you got and move it to your documents/Electronic arts/Sims 3/Downloads[*]There, double click on the file and let launcher complete the install process[*]Play and enjoy!
IF you cannot get multipart files to work, I do have the world also hosted at my Bakasims site as a single .rar but please be kind to my bandwith and try getting it here at MTS first if possible =)

As with all my worlds:
You may not redistribute this world file on any other Sims content site!

You may share your savegame files with others, just link them back to here or to my personal little corner of the Sims community http://www.bakasims.com for the world file itself.

You may use the world in your storytelling, whether it's screencaps, movies, whatever, really. Please credit and link back if you do so! =)

Additional Credits:
Thanks to everyone in the MTS #create channel & CAW forum for the help & support

Special thanks to Atavera for unlocking the mysteries, and SimSample for tirelessly moderating the forum & helping investigate new theories

Thanks to Twallan at Nraas for his handy dandy mods

<3 Inge and Peter Jones and their hearty crew at SimLogical for S3PE and other great tools