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Treadwater Manor - A Twinbrook zombie apocalypse

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Uploaded: 16th Sep 2012 at 2:26 PM
Updated: 5th Dec 2012 at 10:09 PM by Fergie_F
When Lord Treadwater and his wife were building their manor many Twinbrook inhabbitants questioned why it took so long just to build the foundations, not least of all the Bayless family, whom felt threatened by the sight of a manor just as grand as their own plantation . But very few ever found out why. there were rumours that Treadwater Manor was the first house in Twinbrook to have an elevator, although no-one ever laid eyes on that either. After the death of the last Lord Treadwater the town was left with the task of selling the house, but a buyer was never found as houses of it's kind were very unfashionable at the time, so the town en-circled the house on a small plot of land with chain-link fence in order to deter vandals, luckily Twinbrook never really suffered with disobediant youths and so the house was safe for then, allowed to weather and age peacefully. But now in a newer and stranger age it's grandeur and secrets will finally reveal their true value...

Present day:
Your running through the swamps, fast becoming out of breath, but you know you can't stop, or else "they" will get you. "They" have got practically the whole damn town, and to think, you only got off the strangley deserted highway to find a petrol station. Now you find yourself running for you life, fearing the walking dead which have suddenly begun to reclaim a land they once knew. Zombies are everywhere, on your car radio you over heard reports on the news and sat in disbelief, even as the fuel guage flicked over to empty. Then it happened... A blood thirsty zombie was smashing it's palms against you passenger side window, you screamed and pressed you back against your side of the car. It wasn't untill you noticed a small horde of the creatures approaching you car that you decided you would have to leave it behind and run. You ran past houses, once home to cheerful families, now the chewed corpses litter the front gardens, they are even beggining to come back from the dead. So you run and run, past the main town, untill you find yourself running into the swamp, you briefly doubt it would be a good idea, but still you feet continue to carry you further in, fearing for you life. The sun is setting and you think you've lost them, untill you find yourself stumbling onto a damp dirt road. After you look along either direction of the road you notice a house behind the trees, your racing heartbeat is begining to slow, and your legs are getting tired, so you decide to investigate beyond it's rusted but sturdy chain-link fence. It looks abandoned, as you pass the aged car in the drive you feel and odd silence come over the area, but still you find yourself drawn closer, untill you are on the front porch looking back on where you've just come from, No zombies are in sight but light is fading fast and so you peer through the murky glass windows before turning the front door handle. Surprisingly the double doors open with ease into a musty and faded interior, you listen to the chilling silence before proceeding to explore the rest of the house from top to toe, peering out of each of the windows, looking for the danger which has begun to lurk in the swamps. You decide you will stay there tonight and dare to venture back into town for help in the morning. So choose a room and barricade the door. when you wake up the next moring after an un-easy night's sleep you venture down to the kitchen, where there are a few old snacks, left over from years ago. They may not be very healthy but they keep you going. You then discover a hidden door in the back hall. It leads into a basement, as you descend the stair you hold your breath and listen. But you hear nothing and continue. When down in the basement you find, oddly enough, an elevator. Figuring your chances of survival are slim already you get into the elevator and descend further into the house...

Ok, so admittedly I have been watching a lot of "The Walking Dead" recently, I haven't seen the first season, but soon got into the second one, and now I can't wait for the third one. So I was inspired to build a house inspired by both "The Walking Dead" and the "Fallout" series of games, which I still play both "Fallout 3" and "Fallout: New Vegas". I built this large house on a custom 40 by 40 lot which I placed here:

The house costs 185,768 Simoleons furnished, and 115,646 Simoleons un-furnished. It's on a 40 by 40 lot. In the attic and basement you will find a few unused rooms which you are free to alter and use as you wish.


There's one piece of CC required and included for this house, and it's dgandy's "Quarter Round Window" which can be found here: http://www.thesimsresource.com/down...indow/id/944668
at the Sims Resource. Remember to thank "dgandy" for their hard work in creating such a nice and iconic window, which I'm sure some of you will use in a recreation of a certain house located on Long Island, famous for a certain set of murders.

Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price: 185,768 Simoleons