Villa Lawson

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When actress Elizabeth Lawson landed a break-through role in a film that would go on to be known as one of Old Hollywood's classics, she found herself swept up in the glitz and the glamour of it all. No longer was she the girl in a run-down boarding house working nightshifts to get by, her hopes and dreams had finally prevailed. Acting was now her fulltime occupation, along with all the parties and fast living that it entailed. She rubbed shoulders with other great Hollywood actors and actresses at clubs and parties throughout L.A. Elizabeth's life truly was in the fast lane, as she hurtled towards greatness with each well-paid role she took on. In the mid 1920s she used the paycheck from her third big movie to purchase a newly-built home in the hills above Los Angeles which she christened 'Villa Lawson'.

The house was comparatively tranquil and quiet in comparison with her life down in the city. It's pool and numerous balconies/verandahs made it perfect for enjoying the golden glow of the Los Angeles weather. While the numerous reception rooms made it excellent for entertaining guests and parties away from the prying eyes of paparazzi. It was the escape she needed but didn't always want. From the tower room she could see the ocean which brought her great comfort.

The status symbol of 'a house in the hills' helped elevate Elizabeth even further into L.A. society. She found herself mingling with all kind of handsome eligible bachelors, and even some that weren't so eligible. Rumors circulated, but nothing was ever proven and so she continued partying and enjoying life without a care in the world. However it would be this attitude to life that would begin her undoing now that stuff such as money was no longer a worry.

Her love of partying hard and fast finally came to an end in the late 1930s when she miscarried an illegitimate child she didn't even know she was carrying. Life in the fast lane had hurtled her towards the edge. Luckily for her it happened away from prying eyes within the sanctuary and privacy of her villa. This experience crippled her emotionally. She wasn't seen out in public or in movies for many years. When she did finally return she was a whole new person, more mature and reserved in her outlook. No more did she host or attend lavish alcohol fueled parties. It wasn't hard to understand why Hollywood would loose interest in her. She took on fewer roles and was no longer the Hollywood Starlet she once was. She even married; a respectable TV producer and had a new retreat, The Laeturns, built on the east coast, away from the prying eyes and bad memories of the marriage that would eventually reveal her as unable to bare the children that the both of them desired. The marriage soon began to resemble the emptiness of her womb and of her heart.

Lot Info:
Villa Lawson is built on a 40 by 40 lot costing 384,394 Simoleons furnished and 236, 539 Simoleons unfurnished. Other than the bar area, I've left the basement relatively unfurnished, with one suggestion of how it could be furnished
This is my first attempt at a Spanish Revival/Spanish eclectic style home. It has undergone many drastic changes since its conception as the interior was originally Georgian Revival, and I simply couldn't make it fit the exterior, so I had to gut it and start again. I was inspired to build this house after seeing the house used in the original version of "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?"

When building the house, I did a search of what had already been done and stumbled across Fertie's La Hermosa Villa, which is much grander and more lavish, I'd certainly recommend checking it out.
As usual, if there are any issues, let me know. Enjoy!

Lot Size: 40x40
Lot Price (furnished): 236,539 Simoleons
Lot Price (unfurnished): 384,394 Simoleons