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-Trick or Treat!- Halloween Costume Trunk!

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Uploaded: 1st Nov 2012 at 5:47 AM
Updated: 31st Oct 2014 at 4:56 AM
Update: The trunk has been updated to use the final hidden category - FANTASY! Download the new trunk rar and look for new costumes for that category in the Related Downloads Tab. - Oct. 30, '14

Whoops! I (Phae) accidentally created GUID conflicts between this set and four of my Smallhouse Models sets. I've reassigned both them and these to new GUIDs so you can redownload either and not have the conflict anymore. >.< -Oct. 12, '14

I've written up the tutorial and uploaded the templates. You can now put your own costumes in the trunk! The tutorial is comment #22, and the templates are attached in the Download tab. -Nov. 17, '12

I've added in another category, ANIMALS! Your sims can now be Cows, Bunnies, Bumblebees, or Llamas! I've also put Cowboy hats on the toddler and elder Cowboys, and I've added Firefighters! In addition, I've cleaned up the 'Dress Me as' pie menu. Make sure you get this important update! You need to redownload ALL the files. - Nov. 3, '12

Echo and I (Phae) have been madly rushing to get this project to you before Halloween is over. That just barely happened.

We've created a costume trunk that will allow your sims to dress up as lots of different things! We've even included an option to dress everyone on the lot as a particular theme, so you can easily throw parties. Also, it's super simple to add new costumes to the trunk, so if you really really wanted to be a Flying Monkey for Halloween, if you can find or make the outfit, you can toss it into the trunk.

Costumes Available:
Animals: Cow, Bunny, Bumblebee, Llama
Beach Theme: Pirate, Mermaid, Hula Dancer
Everyday Heros: Cowboy, Firefighter, EMT, Police Officer, or Military Personal
Sci-Fi: Super hero, Evil Villain
Spooky: Skeleton, Pumpkin, Witch

There are two one more hidden categories, but we didn't get all the costumes done on time, so check back for an update later!

Most outfits are done with Maxis clothing, and I've marked it by EP, so if you don't have that EP, delete the package. I've also included a bunch of CC costumes that you will need to download for them to work. Layana's Toddler Cowboy Hats Fakepeeps' Hula Girls, Cocomama's Teen Pirates Tiggerypum's Pumpkin Toddlers Queegy's Skeleton Family and my Super Heros and Villains. The update added support for Cee's Toddler Bees, Fakepeeps' Kid Bees, WLSEstudios's Firefighting Kids, Windkeeper's Cow Family, and Dyonis-My's Bunny Family.

The costume trunk is a two tile object and can be used by all ages. It's located in the Party tab because it's for a party of course!

Polycount: 1569 faces

Happy Halloween Everyone!
-Phae and Echo

Additional Credits:
Thanks go to Q for the modding name, and the rest of the ranchies for coming up with the Halloween plan, even if it didn't really pan out.

Also credits to my models, you should recognize me, Saphira, Freya, and Fawn, but Kalimos and I have finally and truly parted ways. The new man in my life (for at least a year and so) is Kolter. He brings with him, Cullen (the sexy thing hitting on Saphira), Richie, and little David.