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7 more costumes for Echo and Phae's haloween costume trunk

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Uploaded: 10th Mar 2013 at 5:43 PM
Updated: 4th Jan 2017 at 3:53 PM
When echo and Phae made the costume trunk for the sims 2 I was really excited. It seemed like the perfect object for parties, or to simulate Halloween in the sims 2. Eventually Phae created a tutorial on how to add more costumes, and after a long process of learning and testing, I was able to create 7 new costumes for the costume trunk. First off, what is the costume trunk? The costume trunk is an object made by Phae and Echo that allows your sim to dress up either themselves, or everyone on the lot in certain costumes. These costumes are separated by various (beach theme, everyday hero, sci-fi, animals, and spooky.) I have created 7 new costumes for the trunk in the various themes.
So what costumes do you get

Animals: Gorilla suit, toddler bear suit, Dragon.
Beach theme: Male grass skirt
Everday hero Cheff
Spooky Zombie, Mummy

There are 4 different downloads.
The file All costumes includes the bear, chef gorilla, dragon, grass skit, mummy and zombie package.
the file animal costumes includes the bear, gorilla and dragon package
the file every day heroes + beach includes the chef and the grass skit package
the file spooky contains the mummy and the zombie package

So what are the requirements for each file.
The bear is an EA suit, needs open for business, and is for toddlers only.
The gorilla is and EA suit, needs open for business, and is for adults and elders.
The dragon is an EA suit, needs family fun stuff, and is available for children
The chef is an Ea suit. Teens to elders need open for business, and children need kitchen and bath stuff.
The grass skirt is an Ea suit, needs bon voyage, and is available for adult males and elder males.
The mummy comes from the Halloween collection on the EA store. It is available for all ages. You need the original mesh for the mummy suit for the costume to work. The teen conversion by Cocomama for the mummy clothes is no longer available and so is included in the spooky and all zip files.
The zombie comes from the Halloween collection on the EA store. It is available for toddlers, children, adults, and elders. You need the original zombie mesh for the costume to work.

You need the costume trunk by Phae and Echo for these files to work which you can get here .

These costumes have been tested several times by me, and everything seems to work.
I hope you enjoy these costumes.

Additional Credits:
Bast dawn (eyes)
Oepu (maxis match eyes)
peggysims2 (child female hair)
newsea (toddler female hair.)