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-'Trick-or-Treat' Time!- Teen and Child Halloween Costumes and Face Paint

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Uploaded: 30th Oct 2007 at 4:43 PM
Updated: 8th Jan 2013 at 8:07 PM
Trick or Treat! Are your sims tired of dressing as lackluster fairies and pirates? Well, fear not! Or, being Halloween, COWER IN TERROR! Vampires, Witches, Frankenstein, Zombies, Hobos, Superheros, Supervillians, and FACE PAINT TO MATCH! 12 Different Costumes (and some come in multiple ages/genders) Captain Hero (cmf, tmf), Super Villian (cmf, tmf), Zombie/Hobo (cu, tmf), Vampire and Vampires (tmf), Witch (cf), Frankenstein (cm), Mayor (tmf), General (tm), G.I.Jane (tf), Exterminator (tmf), Bloody EMT (tf).

My personal favorites are the Witch and the Vampires, which oddly enough, I did the most work on, or it could be that I just might be a little old school in liking all the stereotypical Halloween costumes. ;-) Many of the career outfits customs went unedited, this does not mean however I did nothing to them. I did a lot of work to track down appropriate images and had to find the hidden teen maxis meshes that fit them. Some of the images did get edited, though not noticeably, such as the Mayor costumes. The original UV Map didn't match the mesh I needed to use, so I tried very hard to make it look like it 'grown-up' version.

The face paints are generic enough to be used for many different costumes and for that reason each one of the six is available for both genders, tots through teens. Mix and match with these and other things you download, get creative, Happy Halloween!

The costumes are divided up into three groups, all the Superheros and Supervillians are in the .rar 'Supers'. The Witch, Frankenstein, and both Vampire costumes are in the .rar 'WitchFrankVamps'. All the other costumes are in 'OddsEnds'. The facepaint is in the .rar 'FacePaint'. Though, I'm sure you could have figured that out if you guessed, right?

The eyes my models have were created by me. Get them here, here and here.


P.S. I love reading comments, leave me a couple?

Additional Credits:
To the kids: Freya, King, Sephira, and Striker. They had a lot of fun doing the photo shoot 'on location' at one of Strangetown's Haunted Houses. (I tried to get it finished in time for Halloween, but it didn't happen, here it is anyways.)