More Alchemy Potions + Potions for Pets

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Uploaded: 22nd Dec 2012 at 9:05 AM
Updated: 15th Sep 2013 at 1:49 AM
More Alchemy Potions + Potions for Pets

This mod adds 8 new alchemy potions! Sims can mix these potions, drink them, throw them, sell them, and buy them at the elixir store.

Note: some potions require World Adventures, Late Night, Seasons and/or Pets.


LevelElixirEffectIngredientsWorthRequired EP*
4Homemade PenicillinCures and immunizes sick Sims
  • Steak
  • Any Mushroom
5Mr. Nobody's PotableRemoves a Sim's celebrity status
  • Tungsten Carbide
  • Cockroach
§165Late Night
6Superstar's BrothIncreases a Sim's celebrity level by one
  • Any Food Ingredient
  • Zephyr Metalmark Butterfly
§282Late Night
7Dryad's SpiritTurns a Sim into a PlantSim
  • Mandrake Root
  • Wonderpetal
  • Sweet Grass
§1385University Life
7Ghost ElixirTurns a Sim into a ghost
  • Ghost Chili Pepper
  • Deathfish
8Extraterrestrial TransfectionTurns a Sim into an alien and adds "Enhanced Genome!" custom moodlet
  • Star Cut Emerald
  • Plutonium
  • Cheese
§1551World Adventures** and Seasons
8Xenobiological PurifierTurns an alien into a normal Sim or stops alien incubation and adds "Genomic Purification" or "Dewormed" custom moodlet
  • Sun Cut Yellow Sapphire
  • Palladium
  • Cheese
9Phial of Unicorn EssenceTurns a horse into an unicorn
  • Glowy Fly
  • Pomegranate
  • Moon Cut Moonstone
§1349World Adventures** and Pets
9Mermadic BrothTurns a Sim into a mermaid
  • Kelp
  • Shark
  • Squid
§2063Island Paradise
10Liquid AmbrosiaResurrects ghost Sims and adds "Divine Elixir" custom moodlet
  • Lifefruit
  • Deathfish
* All potions require Supernatural.

** If you don't have World Adventures, download the lite version. The lite version has different ingredients for some potions and doesn't require World Adventures (click spoiler):

Potion Settings:

If the testing cheats are enabled, you can Shift click potions to adjust their settings.
  • You can set the death type Sims will get after drinking the Ghost Elixir. (Note: if the potion is poured on a pet, this setting will be ignored).
  • You can set the skin tone alien Sims will get when they drink the Xenobiological Purifier.
  • You can set the alien DNA percentage Sims will get after drinking the Extraterrestrial Transfection.
  • You can also set whether Sims that drank the Extraterrestrial Transfection keep their body hair, hair color, hairstyle or eyebrows. (Note: these settings apply to all Extraterrestrial Transfection potions).

Recipe Books:

All these custom potions cannot be learned by researching alchemy in the alchemy station. To learn how to prepare them, your Sim must buy a recipe book from the bookstore.

Recipe BookPagesPrice
Homemade Penicillin Recipe Book30§38
Mr. Nobody's Potable Recipe Book30§159
Superstar's Broth Recipe Book30§286
Dryad's Spirit Recipe Book30§373
Ghost Elixir Recipe Book30§322
Extraterrestrial Transfection Recipe Book30§927
Xenobiological Purifier Recipe Book30§957
Phial of Unicorn Essence Recipe Book360§1652
Mermadic Broth Recipe Book30§1178
Liquid Ambrosia Recipe Book360§12000

Elixir Store:

I know some ingredients (e.g., Moon Cut Moonstone) are hard to find; therefore, I've added them to the Elixir Store's product range*. With this mod, you will be able to buy the following items at the Elixir Store:
  • Pomegranate (requires World Adventures)
  • Moon Cut Moonstone (requires Pets)
  • Star Cut Emerald (requires World Adventures)
  • Sun Cut Yellow Sapphire (requires Seasons)
  • Tungsten Carbide (requires Late Night)
Additionally, you can buy all the custom potions at the Elixir Store.

* This feature is not included in the lite version.

Potions & Pets:

This mod also adds a new interaction to the existing potions so they can be poured on adult and elder pets. The following potions can be poured on pets:

ElixirEffectAllowed Species
Ad NauseumGives pet the Nauseous moodletCats and dogs
Age FreezePrevents pet from agingAll pets
Jar of DiscordSlightly decreases relationship with petAll pets and racoons
Cure ElixirRemoves fleas from petCats and dogs
Jar of FriendshipSlightly increases relationship with petAll pets and racoons
Essence of MagicRestores a unicorns' magic powerUnicorns
Personality AdjustrRandomizes one trait for a random oneAll pets
Procreation ElixirTemporarily adds the Fertility Treatment reward to the petCats and dogs
Jar of Potent FriendshipIncreases relationship with petAll pets and racoons
Jar of Potent DiscordDecreases relationship with petAll pets and racoons
Opposite PersonalityMakes traits of the pet oppositeAll pets
Potent Cure ElixirRemove unicorn lifestateUnicorns
Potent Personality AdjusterRandomizes three traits of the petAll pets
Age of InstantAges up petAll pets
Fountain of Youth ElixirAges down pet (elder) or resets age (adult)All pets
Note: the Jar of (Potent) Friendship and Jar of (Potent) Discord are the only potions that can be poured on wild horses and strays.

2012.12.12: Release.
2012.12.22: Added Italian, German, and Russian translations.
2012.12.23: Added Brazilian Portuguese translation.
2012.12.25: Added Swedish translation, updated Italian translation.
2013.1.2: Added Dutch translation.
2013.1.9: Added Polish translation.
2013.2.17: Added Chinese translations. Fixed a minor bug with the "Potent Cure Elixir" and "Phial of Unicorn Essence."
2013.2.19: Fixed Chinese translations. Updated for patch 1.50.
2013.3.4: Fixed minor bug with "Superstar Broth." Added new potion.
2013.3.12: Fixed bug with "Dryad's Spirit" (there's no need to redownload main mod).
2013.3.29: Added Czech translation.
2013.6.18: Fixed duplicate potion bug. Updated for patch 1.55.
2013.7.2: Added Chinese translations for "Dryad's Spirit."
2013.7.26: Added new potion and made "Age Freeze" pourable on pets.

This is a scripting mod compiled against patch 1.55, but it still works with 1.57. It may not work with older patch versions. As it doesn't override game tunings, this mod won't conflict with other mods.

As this mod adds new potions to the skill journal, uninstalling is not as easy as removing the package from the Mods folder. In order to uninstall this mod, first open the command prompt and type "UninstallCustomAlchemyRecipes" without the quotes. Then exit the game and remove the package.

If you would like to help me localize this mod, download "," unzip it, open the text file with Notepad (or other text editor), translate the text between the <STR> tags, and send me your translation. These instructions written by Twallan may help you.

Additional Credits:
This mod wouldn't be possible without the tutorials, mods and/or help of Nona Mena, CmarNYC, and Consort. Thanks to the S3PE creators and developers.

I would also like to thank Demagog, Dennis6791, kingisen83, michal22, quir98, Scatty, simslover666, tearscar, thiagopepper, wheatberry, and xwertyq1 for their translations.