Nouk - Kinky Curly with Braid - Female Hair for all ages

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Uploaded 31st Dec 2013 at 5:55 PM

I apologize for not finishing this sooner. It was difficult, I was unmotivated, and for a long time didn't have the Sims 2 game installed. But I had people giving me tips, testing the hair for me, and in general being super-nice to me, helping me finish this hair. A big thank-you to them
So I realize this is not truly kinky-curly but more of a deep wave, maybe? Or a mix of it? But anyway, this hair is very curly, poofy and big! It has a little braid that acts as some sort of diadem-like hairband to keep the hair back a bit.

Kinky Curly with Braid:
- Available for all ages, Toddler-Elder
- Binned, eyebrows colors will match
- 2 Families wit one grey each, total 8 colors
- 4612 faces, 5005 vertices (kind of high poly for the Sims 2, some may disagree, I'm sure it's fine for most hardware by now, did you notice the game came out 10 years ago, I'm so old)
- rigged and bounces around a bit

You'll be able to view the colors available above the download thread, I believe.
I hope you enjoy this hair!

Polygon Counts:
4612 faces, 5005 vertices

Additional Credits:
- Everyone in this Creator Feedback thread for their great help!
- Nysha for testing!
- Wes_H, JFade, CatOfEvilGenius, Inge and Peter Jones, and so many others for the tools!
- Frenchie for motivating me to do creative things again!