Buffy & Angel Townie & NPC Name Mod

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Uploaded: 9th Jan 2014 at 7:25 PM
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You should be able to recognize the underlined names in the screenshots, if you've watched the show. Ooh! If you get a demon name, I suggest you get some horns, tails and fierce to creepy masks for them! (They're all Glasses accessories, it's a sort-of underrated section which you should totally visit.)

Basic Information:
  • This name mod is based off of jordi's original Altered Default NPC and townie names. It should be compatible with just the base game.
  • Pop it into your Downloads folder and fire up your game!
  • All newly spawned townies and NPCs with normal names (ie. not Santa Claus, Unsavory Charlatan, Todder New Year, etc.) will have the names of the characters from the TV show Buffy and its sequel, Angel.
  • This name mod will override the default Maxis namer that is infamous for the names "Goopy" and "Leelaporn".
  • My sources were Wikipedia and the Buffy wiki. I think I pretty much got all the names from the show, but if I still missed a name, post about it in the comments section and I will add it.
  • This name mod will only affect newly spawned townies/NPCs, not the existing ones. If you want every townie/NPC to have Buffy & Angel names, then you should start from an empty neighborhood, instructions courtesy of Mootilda.
  • If you have Pets, this mod will not rename your pets, it will only rename your people. If you intend to use a name mod that renames pets and/or already have another name mod, then you will not be able to use this mod.
  • Please don't rename Live.package.

If you want your townies to have a random chance of being spawned with the name "Goopy Leelaporn", you should not use this mod. Do be aware though that there is an extremely rare chance that your sims may end up with the names of demons, like Yeska, Krevlorneswath and Groosalugg.

There is also an even rarer chance that your sim will be named Murk or Dreg, you can thank Glorificus and her warty talking footstools for that! I recommend the Sim Manipulator (the Misc manipulator, which looks like a flamingo when spawned) to fix any "Dregs", if you don't want to go into SimPE and delete (and commit + save) one line in the Male first names list.

The comic season-exclusive and novel-exclusive characters aren't listed here, though. You can always add in the comic/novel characters' names into my mod, I give you full permission, so long as you link back to the original and give credit. If the original is somehow not available, just toss a credit my way. The renamer tutorial has come!

  • jordi, for the original name mod and his sanity-saving Name2Simpe. You can't do last names without this program, because for some reason, males and females each have a different set of last names, ugh!
  • Modthesims
  • The Buffy Wiki for about 99.99% of the names and Wikipedia for the rest.
  • All the writers, actors, costume designers, etc. who gave the Buffyverse life. Writers including the creator, Joss Whedon.
  • Aaroneous for the Sim Manipulator (the spawner shrub) used to see the townie names.

Additional Credits: SimPE