"Uncomfortable" Boosts Other Negative Emotions (+Other Changes)

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Uploaded: 23rd Oct 2014 at 1:50 AM
With this mod, the “Uncomfortable” emotion will boost other negative emotions the same way the “Happy” emotion does with positive ones.

Sorry that the first half of the icon shows the “Happy” colours. It was not possible to change that.

This is the successor to my older Buff Emotion Changes mod. The other mod will still be available for those who still want it, but the two mods should not be used at the same time, as they will conflict with each other.

It isn't possible (at least not in any way that I know of) to disable the effect for certain buffs, so all Uncomfortable buffs will be effected. Don't worry, the buffs will still have their original effects - for example, Sims with the "Really Has To Pee" buff will still perform the low bladder walk and animations. The only difference is that they'll also enhance another negative emotion.

Additional Changes

As well as altering the Uncomfortable emotion, this mod also makes other changes.
  • To adapt to the new change with the Uncomfortable emotion, the points required to get to higher states of an emotion has increased. So don’t worry, this mod won’t make it too easy for Sims to die of Anger or Embarrassment.
  • All “Uncomfortable” buffs that have extremely high values have been lowered. For some of them, including “Really Has To Pee”, I have applied the effects of the Uncomfortable emotion directly so Sims will still suffer.
    > If I have missed any buffs that should be changed, please leave a comment.
    > The only buffs I have intentionally not changed are those related to pregnancy, since such a high level of Uncomfortable would only make sense. I don’t think pregnant Sims can die (and if I’m wrong, there’s nothing wrong with a little extra challenge).
  • The “Ravenous” buff will now give the Dazed emotion instead of Uncomfortable.
  • Sims who are “Ravenous” will do the sleepy walk, and their Energy will drop at 5x the original speed. Your Sims will no longer act normal one minute then die of starvation the next. While technically this could be a separate mod, leaving the buff the way it was would make it too easy for Sims to die of Anger or Embarrassment, and merely reducing the effect would make it too weak for a Sim who was approaching death for starvation.

Mod Not Working Properly?

Some people have reported that XML tuning changes don’t work in their game. If this is the case for you and the mod isn’t working, you can use the unpackedmod solution.
  • Edit the “Resource.cfg” file in your Mods folder, and add the following line to the end: DirectoryFiles unpackedmod autoupdate
  • Download the unpackedmod version of the XML files for this mod. (Please Note: The .package file is still needed for the DATA files and text strings)
  • Create a folder named “unpackedmod” in your Mods folder and extract the archive into there.

This mod overrides the following, and will conflict with other mods that do the same:
  • Emotions: Uncomfortable, Angry, Embarrassed, Sad and Tense.
  • Buffs: Really Has To Pee, Ravenous (including the ghost version) and Needs to Puke.

This mod has been tested with the patch released on 21st October 2014.

Additional Credits:
Package created using S4PE: https://github.com/Sims4Group/Sims4Tools
Data files edited using Velocitygrass' Data file tool: http://www.modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=531876
XML exported using Sims4XMLExtractor by Velocitygrass: http://www.modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=534316