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"Life of the Party" Accessories Fix

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Uploaded: 20th Nov 2014 at 5:23 PM
Updated: 26th Feb 2019 at 12:19 PM - New version added.
Requires the Life of the Party digital content

These files will prevent Townie Sims from wearing the sombrero hat or star glasses that came with the Life of the Party digital content. Hurrah!

Updated to version 5 to ensure the files are still in line with current game code. Also, to add the sombrero back to the Party categroy as EA had removed it from there for some reason. Please delete the previous files before adding the new ones as the file names are not the same.

These files alter the CASP resources for the Life of the Party accessories to remove the Valid for Random flag so that Townies can no longer select them for outfits.
The star glasses have also been edited to remove them from all clothing categories except for Partywear. Who sleeps in star shaped glasses?
The sombrero was already flagged only for Partywear so that hasn't been changed.
Any Sims already wearing these accessories, though, will need to be manually edited in CAS to remove them.
They will still be available to any Sims you create or dress in CAS.

There are three files inside the .zip and you should choose only one.
MM_LoPAccessoriesFix.package alters both the glasses and sombrero hat as described above.
MM_LoPSombreroFix.package fixes just the sombrero hat, leaving the glasses as they are.
MM_LoPGlassesFix.package fixes just the star glasses, leaving the sombrero hat as it is.

If you're not sure which items are affected, take a look at the attached screenshots.

These files will conflict with any other file that alters the Life of the Party accessory CASP resources.
Default texture replacements however should be fine.

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