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DEPRECATED "Up All Night" Costume Fix

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Uploaded: 28th Oct 2014 at 12:24 AM
Updated: 4th Nov 2015 at 7:27 PM
This file is no longer required as EA have corrected the costume issues via patch.

Requires the Up All Night digital content

This file will prevent Townie Sims from wearing the hotdog, reaper, and clown costume outfits and hats for their regular Party Wear outfits. No more Sims in tuxedos and hotdog hats! Hurrah!

This file alters the CASP resources for the Up All Night costume outfits and hats to remove them from the Party Wear clothing category but leaves them enabled for Townies so that they can still wear them for the Incognito Costume Party.
They will still be available to any Sims you create or dress in CAS*.

To prevent mismatched hotdog outfits (grey hat, brown body or vice versa), I have also disabled the grey hotdog outfit for Townies. They can still dress in the brown versions.
They will still be available to any Sims you create or dress in CAS*.

*There are two versions of this file inside the .zip and you should choose only one.
MM_UANCostumeFix.package does as described above.
MM_UANCostumeFix_NoHotdogs.package does as described above and ALSO hides the hotdog outfit from CAS completely, as I know how much some of you hate it.

If you're not sure which costumes are affected, take a look at the attached screenshot.

These files will conflict with any other file that alters the Up All Night costumes CASP resources.
Default texture replacements however should be fine.

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