Customizable Cash Registers

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Uploaded 22nd Dec 2014 at 11:51 PM · Updated 24th Jul 2015 at 10:27 AM by Arsil : BugFixing Update

24th Jul 2015: BugFix (now you can assign a starting hour > ending hour, to make Sims work at night)

Developed and tested with game version 1.67.

Mod description
This mod is a collection of basegame compatible custom cash registers, like those that come with WA,
but configurable so you can make themed stores/markets/stands/kiosks.

Like WA registers, these are not suited to use selectable sims as clerks, since their motives are maxed
and locked (there's no decay) in order to guarantee that they can do the job. If you are interested in that
kind of gameplay I suggest Ani_'s Mods.

Object details
All registers share the same object/mesh:
Price 0, 235 vertices, 200 polygons, 3 recolorable channels.
Catalog: Build/Community/Misc (only available in community lots).

Warning: sometimes when you place a new register it will have blurred textures, but all you have to do is use
Create A STyle on it and they will be fixed (no need to actually change any color, just update the rendering).

Common Features of registers
- set price modifier;
- show info: a summary of settings common to all registers and specific to the selected one;
- set clerk's working hours; [don't worry if the new hours aren't followed right away, next sim day should work fine]
- option to use career outfit while working. [the mod will assign a copy of the everyday clothes as career outfit
(if sims don't already have one), then you can personalize it]

Food Store Register Features
- set menu;
- set food quality (doesn't influence price);
- show info make checks about the presence of vegetarian foods and if all meal times have a menu;
- enable/disable meal time check (if a breakfast-food can be buyed at dinner time).

General (or Inventory) Store Register Features (5th January 2015 update)
- open inventory: the objects contained in the register inventory are those for sale.
Register's details:
- Due to technical reasons, ATM the general store register can only sell one object at a time. I know,
that sucks, one of the main purpose when I made it was to sell custom dried food;
- This is a very generic register but has some limitations: not every object is draggable or can be put
into an inventory (maybe using tricks/cheats/mods you can add more stuff, I don't know);
- Sims wont buy stuff from this register autonomously (and if your game is slow I suggest to check the
inventory of unselectable sims, especially if you have mods that make it permanent).

These registers work exactly like those of the game and are compatible with NRaas Register,
to customize them you just have to click on them and select [Settings] to bring the pie
sub-menu with all configuration's options (see screenshot). The text of the settings is not
localized, but it's very intuitive to understand what each option does.

Technical Info

Additional Credits:
All authors and contributors of the tools and tutorials for modding TS3.
MTS and all the modders that made the game much more enjoyable.
Blackcatluna for help, support, testing and kindness.

Type: Other

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