Summon Ghosts

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Uploaded: 31st Jul 2016 at 12:01 AM
This summons all the ghosts that have both a first and last name to the current lot.

I made this for myself to make it easy to delete ghosts by first summoning them in pause mode (so they can't just leave right away) and then using cheats to add them to my household and delete them using CAS.

Enter the debug console (Ctrl+Shift+C for Windows) and use this:


Game Version
It's been tested with

Put the zip file into your mods folder and assure script mods are enabled in your game options. If you prefer to use .ts4script files then rename the zip file to replace the .zip part with .ts4script.

  • EA/Maxis for allowing us to mod Sims 4
  • TheHologramMan for and those that edited it
  • darkkitten30 for the Python decompiling batch file that uses