SimKea "Lurve" Loveseat - Custom Mesh!

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Uploaded: 15th Feb 2015 at 7:05 PM
Updated: 22nd Feb 2015 at 3:48 AM
The SimKea "Lurve" is the latest in the line of flat pack SimKea furniture punching above its weight in style. However the faux leather has led to some shortfalls in comfort, most sims care little as long as they have the "it" style!

Name: The SimKea "Lurve"
Catalogue: Comfort - Loveseats / Livingroom / Study
Comfort: 1
Price: §374

This seat features three recolours. Currently the back shelf does not take any decorations but it is planned that future updates will contain decoslots so you can place your favourite decorations on the wooden shelf behind!

** This object is for the Sims 4. My creator name is Shredded (previously ugly.breath). My object policies can be found on my user page. DO NOT redistribute on any other site. You may recolour (and therefore redistribute the mesh with the recolour) AS LONG as you link back to this original topic. The design swatch tool DOES NOT currently work with this object, however there are still 3 colour options to choose from. These can be chosen when you pick the object from the gallery. I plan to update the package file when and if this feature is sorted**

Please leave comments below. I plan to add more (palatable) colour choices in the future so stay tuned for updates!



Polygon Counts:
High LOD 2550 faces
Med LOD 1320
Low LOD 782

Additional Credits:
TSRW - Object creation toolkit. HERE
+Free royalty-free model. HERE