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Functional Bunk Bed! - Fixed April 2015

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Uploaded: 7th Mar 2015 at 3:46 AM
Updated: 4th Apr 2015 at 1:31 AM - New Recolours!
The Barnish Bunk Bed FUNCTIONAL! - by Shredded!

Update!!!: - MAJOR UPDATE!!! You will need to re-download BOTH packages if you have the recolours, or just the base package if you don't have recolours.
NOTE!! You may need to delete your "localthumbcache.package" in the Documents/Sims 4 folder for the thumbnails to refresh
NOTE!! You may need to re-place your bunk-beds in game as the IDs on some recolours have changed slightly.
  1. Now works in March 26th 2015 Patch without problems.
  2. REQUESTED FEATURE: Sims without sufficient friendship can now share the bed. This does NOT affect default beds.
  3. Recolours NO LONGER overwrite the original recolours. Please redownload BOTH packages for this to fix.

Update: 07/02/2015 - There is now a recolour pack of some more simple bedding! Just download "Shredded-BunkBed-RC1-PlainJane.zip" and place the unzipped .package in your mods folder. NOTE: REQUIRES THE BASE PACKAGE

Finally, there is now an option for the space concious. Introducing the Barnish Bunk Bed! Specially redesigned from the Barnish Double Bed, with some added "kid-flavour".
NB: This MOD requires 26th March 2015 patch or newer to function (due to changes in the coding of Mods).

Name: Barnish Bunk Bed
Catalogue: Comfort/Beds/Double Beds
Price: ยง450

NOTE!: Animations are quite weird getting into and out of the top bunk. This includes "scooting" to the bottom bunk from the top (and vice versa) when against a wall. There is not much I can do about this at this stage, but if in the future it is easy to fix I will replace. I don't foresee this any time soon.


NOTE: In addition to my usual TS4 Policies (below), I would like to add for this object I am happy for people to use my .package file as a base for more bunk bed models. Please just pm me to let me know you are using it and always link back to this topic in your upload (whether on MTS or your own site).

** This object is for the Sims 4. My creator name is Shredded (previously ugly.breath). My object policies can be found on my user page. DO NOT redistribute on any other site. You may recolour (and therefore redistribute the mesh with the recolour) AS LONG as you link back to this original topic. The design swatch tool DOES NOT currently work with this object, however there are still 4 colour options to choose from (or more if you get the add-on recolours). These can be chosen when you pick the object from the gallery. I plan to update the package file when and if this feature is sorted**

Please leave comments below.



This MOD requires 26th March 2015 patch or newer to function (due to changes in the coding of Mods).

Polygon Counts:
All LOD: ~1100

Additional Credits:
TSRW over at TSR
@lop90804 for the idea
@Shimrod101 for his wonderful "anyone share the bed" mod which helped me work out which parts of the sleep interaction to alter.