(UPDATE: 7-JUL-2016) Reheat Food in Microwave

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Uploaded: 14th Feb 2015 at 10:25 AM
Updated: 6th Jul 2016 at 4:34 PM - Mod Update


7-JUL-2016: New version with better compatibility with the Ingredient Moodlets From Meals mod. If you are using both these mods, please download the latest version of that mod as well.

22-MAY-2016: Reheating pizza has been fixed

Mod Description

This mod adds a custom "Microwave" interaction to food objects that lets sims reheat the food in a microwave.


  • On group servings there are two separate interactions, one for reheating the entire serving ("Microwave") and the other is for taking just a single portion to reheat ("Grab a Plate/Bowl/Slice (Microwave)"). You can't reheat an entire box of delivery pizza though, since while possible in game, it isn't exactly a pretty sight.
  • If your sim has any leftovers in the fridge, the "Microwave" interaction will appear on fridges on the lot allowing you to choose any one of them to reheat before eating.
  • Interaction cannot be used on spoiled or burnt foods. Neither can foods that don't require a heat source to cook (Autumn Salad, Roll Sushi etc). There's a list in the mod's tuning specifying which ones that cannot be microwaved with this mod. Feel free to edit it as you wish.
  • If there is a microwave on the lot, sims will autonomously choose to reheat their food before eating under certain conditions. Specifically, they must not be Technophobes and the food has to either have been in the fridge or is close to spoiling (tunable)
  • Effects:
    • Food that is reheated will have their shelf life extended by a little (tunable)
    • When eating leftovers from a cheap fridge, sims will no longer get the "Tastes Like Fridge" moodlet if the food is reheated before eating
    • Reheating a meal will reduce the meal's quality (unless it wasn't that high quality to begin with) (Can be disabled by tuning).
  • The mod also allows children to use microwaves make quick meals and reheat foods (WITHOUT distorting!) Though since there are no child animations for opening the door, the food is simply placed inside the microwave magically.


You can edit the Tunings XML in the mod package to change the following values (can also be done using NRaas Retuner under Settings > General > By Tunable XML > Sims3.Gameplay.Objects.CookingObjects.icarusallsorts > ReheatFood)

End Notes

Built and tested on patch 1.67. Base Game compatible

Note: If you are also using the Ingredient Moodlets From Meals + More Filling Kelp & Fish Meals For Mermaids make sure to download the latest version as versions prior to from 14-FEB-2015 will conflict with this one.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to the Jones' for S3PE, all the script modders out there for being generous with info, and to the wonderful people at the NRaas forums who tested the preliminary version of the mod and support