Liberated Fences 2

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Uploaded: 5th Jan 2015 at 9:21 PM
Updated: 12th Aug 2015 at 5:29 AM
Some more fence objects from the game files fixed up for Buy/Build. Part 1 is available here, part 3 here, part 4 here.

Contents and in-game prices:
  • Wood Fence Post – 20
  • Broken Wood Fence – 35
  • Broken Wood Fence – 55
  • Broken Wood Fence (Long) – 75
  • Wood Fence – 110
  • Wood Fence (Long) – 220
  • Tall Wood Fence – 400
  • World Fence Post (Low Stone Post) – 80
  • World Fence (Low Stone Wall) – 250
  • Extended World Fence (Low Stone Wall, Long) – 500

The “World Fence” and post is available in three colours each, they’re sorted into the same thumbnail.

How to use:

  1. These are objects, not actual fences as far as the game is concerned (like the fence-tool ones). I put them in Fence Gates since that’s what worked best for me (they sort at the end, so they’re all in one place there rather than strewn all over Deco > Misc. Putting anything but fences in Fences won’t work).

  2. Not being fences means they don’t know how to fence =P .. or maybe it’s just because they were never finished, in any case in my testing sims could walk through (most of) these – one needs to plant e.g. a hedge on one side or put them on top of actual fences in order to make them serve their purpose.

  3. I removed the footprint reference from all of these since the original ones were rather bizarre.

This is done by way of the usual flagging and stuff, plus a custom STBL for the wood fences (the “World Fence” and post already had names and descriptions). Please post in the Create forum if you have questions about technical details!

s4pe, Modding Toolkit (Fogity).