Simmington Showtime Plus Seasons Lot

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Uploaded: 28th May 2015 at 12:26 PM
Updated: 12th Jan 2020 at 9:35 PM
The artificial island project was successful and Simmington gradually turned into an "entertainment" destination for other inhabitants of Simplanet. Many came to enjoy the shows and atmosphere. Some even decided to stay. Simmington was renamed "Simmington Showtime".

Simmington Showtime has been updated with Showtime Coffeehouse, Live Show, Private, and Big Show venues. The world ID number has been changed so that players can have both versions of Simmington in their game.

Simmington Showtime includes several fog emitter effects on lots - spirit lights, pigeons, and fireflies - so, as with all custom worlds, players will have to open the world, save the world, and then play the saved version to enjoy the effects.

Simmington Showtime is set as a city with Bridgeport water and skies. Simmington Showtime is NOT populated.

There is no custom content in Simmington Showtime. World checked with CUSTARD.

Simmington Showtime requires the following expansions: World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets, and Showtime. It may work without some expansions but could look different. Showtime is absolutely required for this world. Late Night is required for bars, subways, street lights, and apartments. The Pets City Hall Rabbit hole was used. Seasons is required for those who choose to download the alternate "Festival Grounds at the Cannery" community Festival Grounds lot.

  • Map Size: Tiny (34.1 MB)
  • Spawn Points: Gem, metal, seed, snake, butterfly, small bird, beetle, lizard, turtle, rodent, and fishing spawners are included in logical places. Wildflower spawners included in the Seasons Festival Lot. The unicorn spawns at Research Center Robo Reservoir.
  • Routing Info: Sims cannot route through fences, flowerbeds/plantings, or near the waterfall. The camera cannot route near the edges of the map by the waterfall.
  • Layering: Simmington Showtime has 4 layers: Lots, Objects, Plants Trees, and Spawners Effects.
  • Textures: Only in-game terrain paints were used so that players can alter lots if they want to. Simmington Showtime is contained in one "chunk". A total of 15 terrain textures were used in Simmington Showtime so there are more than 8 textures per chunk. However, this does not seem to affect world performance.
  • Effects: Meteor showers, waterfalls, flocks of birds, flying geese, and jet trails.
  • Lots: Simmington Showtime has 41 total lots. See Simmington download page for information about lots retained for Simmington Showtime.
    o Community Lots: Simmington Showtime has 28 community lots. Regretfully, some Simmington community lots had to be eliminated in order to develop Simmington Showtime. Thanks so much to el_flel, delry, Black Zekrom, RomerJon17, and ladymumm for allowing me to use your lots in Simmington! (See lists of new community lots and alternate lots below.)
    o Residential: Simmington Showtime has 13 residential lots. (Many are starters.) (See information about new residential lot and list of alternate lots below.)

Patch level: 1.67

Known issues:
  • Public Sounds Stereo speakers on community lots default to classical music and must be reset by the player. (This is an EA issue and not a problem with the world.)
  • Special effects generators on stages at show venue lots must be reset upon installation of Simmington Showtime. Recommended special effects settings are:
    o Big Show (Landgraab Center) - Flashy Sparkles
    o Private Venue (SimTech Productions) - Lasers
    o Live Show (Simmington Auditorium) - Bubbles
    o Coffeehouse (Simmington Brew) - Fog; Gobo lights - Purple.
  • Benches, tables/chairs or other seating placed on "floor stages" in the audience area of all show venue lots always disappear at the beginning of a show. Items should reset. Sometimes during play testing, the stage items and "floor stage" tables and chairs in the Big Show venue (Landgraab Center) did not re-set / reappear. It is unknown what causes this to happen. (Saving a copy of the lot to the bin before a Big Show and replacing the lot if it does not re-set is recommended.)
  • Very few items except fountains and benches/seating will function on the Big Show lot. This makes it impossible to add bathrooms or additional Rabbit holes in the basement, for example.

Additional credits:
Many thanks to simsample and other MTS members for the tutorials making a world a city and Sea, Sky, and Light parameters - let's learn!
simsample unlocking the Food Truck and Parking Space was very helpful.
Thank you, Winterhart, for these mods: Generations Cars Buyable & Available for Community Lots and Cars for Community Lots.
A big thank you to simsample for the Tutorial: Creating Duplicates of a World which allows players to have both Simmingtons in their game!
Most suggestions made by lindali365 were implemented. Thanks so much for play testing for me!
I so much appreciate each and every person who has uploaded lots and other items to MTS as well as those who have contributed to the CAW Resources thread! Where would our (custom) worlds be without you?
Thank you, also, to the staff and moderators at MTS who manage the best Sims 3 web site I've found! Especially HugeLunatic who cleaned up my creator feedback thread for me so that I didn't have to "re-do" it to submit the upload!