Unify Hair, Makeup and/or Tattoos

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Uploaded: 20th Feb 2016 at 9:12 PM
Updated: 23rd Feb 2018 at 10:06 PM
Reason for the mod

Changes made to hair in CAS in Sims 4 sometimes apply to the other outfits there and sometimes don't. I've spend a lot of time on my sims in CAS getting their makeup and hair applied to multiple outfits. I wrote this mod to simplify the process.

What it does

This unifies hair, makeup and/or tattoos across all outfits by copying the selected of those items from everyday outfit 1. So before using this, you will want to set your sim's everyday outfit 1 to have the hair, makeup and/or tattoos you want copied to all the other outfits. This mod works only in Live mode in the cheat console. It doesn't unify items automatically; changes are applied only when you invoke the mod's command. So you can at any time change these items for individual outfits normally in CAS. If you invoke it without any arguments, you get a usage statement:

[blockquote]This copies the hair, makeup and/or tattoos from everyday outfit 1 to all the other outfits.
This only applies to outfits that already exist. Those that don't exist can't be used and are skipped.
usage: unifyhmt [SimFirstName SimLastName] [h|hair] [m|makeup] [t|tattoos]
If the sim name is omitted, then the current sim is used.


The outfits this mod targets include the special and situation outfits, although the changes made to them may be temporary. I know that clothing changes don't stick to them, but I had a sim that had the problem of being bald in the sauna outfit (special outfit 2) and after copying hair to both special outfit 1 and 2 while the sim was wearing special outfit 2, and then saving the game while the sim was still wearing it, I found the problem was gone the next time I loaded the game.

This mod also includes the bathing and career outfits. The bathing outfit doesn't exist until the sim does something to wear it for the first time, like take a bath or shower.

Changes made with this mod to aliens while not disguised applies only to their alien form. Likewise changes made to aliens while disguised applies only to their human form. This scope is the same as when using CAS.

Note about tattoos

Apparently in CAS changes made to tattoos apply to all the outfits you can manage with CAS anyway. But by using other mods, such as Sims 4 Outfit Tools by Scumbumbo @ ModTheSims, it is possible to have different tattoos on different outfits. (I'm grateful to Scumbumbo for that awesome Outfit Tools mod; which helped me make this mod.)


unifyhmt h
This copies the current sim's everyday outfit 1 hair to all their other outfits.

unifyhmt hair
Same as above

unifyhmt hair makeup
This copies the current sim's everyday outfit 1 hair and makeup to all the other outfits.

unifyhmt h m
Same as above

unifyhmt m h
Same as above

unifyhmt h m t
This copies the current sim's everyday outfit 1 hair, makeup and tattoos to all the other outfits.

unifyhmt h m tattoos
Same as above

unifyhmt Bella Goth h
This copies Bella Goth's everyday outfit 1 hair to all her other outfits. Note that her original updo bathing outfit hair will be replaced by this.

Parting Gift

When complete, the mod will tell you which outfit the sim is wearing, just FYI.

Game Version
This mod was developed using Sims 4 version 1.15.55
The latest version an update was made for 1.40.61

  • Great credit goes to Scumbumbo for his outfit tools from which much of the code for this was derived.
  • Thanks to Deaderpool for figuring out how to write back changes to sim outfits.
  • Thanks to rekees for figuring out how to fix an issue wherein the first outfit of each category was being copied to the other outfits in that category on some sims.