S.A.M. - Sim Activated Machine

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Uploaded: 23rd Feb 2016 at 3:44 PM
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UPDATE JUNE 22 2018: Added new .zip file which enables S.A.M.'s outfit components for the Seasons patch's 'Cold Weather' and 'Hot Weather' categories. If you are installing this sim for the first time, please also download the 'S.A.M. - Updated for Seasons' .zip file and let the enclosed package files overwrite the old ones that were in the original zip file. If you already have this sim, then just download the Updated zip and let the packages inside it overwrite your old ones. Then go into Full Body outfits in the Cold and Hot Weather categories and click on the S.A.M. Null Body and its 'head' hat to make sure they're enabled (see new pic added, 'Updating S.A.M. For Seasons').

This is just a bit of fun inspired by the current monthly theme, Into The Future. Its design was mainly inspired by my currently playing 'Fallout: New Vegas' which I had sitting on my computer for years and never got around to until now, and the movie 'Robot and Frank' which we saw recently and loved. S.A.M. (Sim Activated Machine) is a little headbot who is sort of a cross between 'eyebot' ED-E from Fallout, and the head of Frank's robot: a sleek, plain, plastic futuristic kind of head rather than the ornate retro ED-E but with the similar idea of a robot who is just a floating 'head'.

This is a set of male and female sims, who are regular standard sims but are 'dressed' in a robot head and a null (invisible) body. So there is nothing 'modded' about them or any technical voodoo involved, they function like a normal sim, they're just little and cute. They come as nine separate sims as follows:

1. S.A.M. Silver, Male ; 2. S.A.M. Maroon, Female; 3. S.A.M. Green, male; 4. S.A.M. Black, Female; 5. S.A.M. Brown, Male; 6. S.A.M. Blue, Female; 7. S.A.M. White, Male; 8. S.A.M. Red, Female, and 9. S.A.M. Indigo, Male.

They are Young Adults and all come with the traits Nerd Brain/Quick Learner, Genius, Geek, and Perfectionist, which you can of course change if wanted. (If you want to change any of their genders in CAS, note that you will need to re-apply their null body because the sim will revert back to a human body when changing gender. Re-apply the item called S.A.M. Null Body in the Full Outfits section for each outfit category to make the human body disappear again.)

I cloned them from the Knight's Helmet that comes with Get Together, in order to give them the metallic/muffled voice that putting the helmet on produces, so that they have voices that make them sound a little 'robotic'. You don't need Get Together for the voice effect to work, it works with just the Base Game.

Also, please note that their parts are disabled for Random, so you should not get townies appearing in robot heads or no bodies!

Once settled into their home they look cute doing various household activities, such as studying science, watching TV and chatting, or just splashing around in the pool:

They handle objects by means of the two spiky 'arms' which pull things towards them with electro-magnetic force. For instance, the second pic in the row of thumbnail pics at the top of this page shows how they read and eat.

They also enjoy a night out clubbing as much as any human (or any full-sized robot):

(Cigarette accessory on my RoboChick gal is by NewOne at One Billion Pixels: http://one-billion-pixels.blogspot....ccessories.html )

They can wear hats in case they end up in a career that forces them to wear one - to that purpose, they come with a set of smaller hair hat-chop meshes which enable them to wear a hat without either the big round head or the top three antennae sticking out through it. See the first pic in the row of thumbnail pics at the top of the page, which shows some of them in hats (which I set as Party wear because I thought it was cute).

The hatchop also serves as the head the sim will wear when bathing/nude or in a spa outfit, because I could not get the 'hat' mesh to stay on when nude or at the spa, but the 'hair' mesh does. The pic below shows how they will appear in the bath, shower or sauna (so you have to think of the three top antennae having retracted themselves when wet):

All cc in the screenshots is by me except for the above-mentioned cigarette accessory.

Thanks for looking, hope those of you who like robots will find these cute and fun.

My Sims 2 Servo conversion (the first, original one on this site) is here: http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=542670
My Sims 3 Plumbots conversion is here: http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=554364
My child-sized Servo, Plumbot, and SAM outfits for kids are here: http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=574076

Download the zip file and unzip it. Move the .package files, which contain the cc, to your Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods folder. Then inside the folder called Sim Trays, there are individual folders for each of the robots. Copy the contents of whichever ones you want to install, to your Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Tray folder.

Custom Content by Me:
Hat (head) mesh 2816 polys
Hair/hatchop mesh 1569 polys
Null body mesh 1 poly

Additional Credits:
Made with S4 CASTools, Sims 4 Studio and s4pe. Meshed by me in Milkshape.