Wolfie Werewolf

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Uploaded: 18th Sep 2016 at 2:24 AM
Ah the Werewolves, those all too furry individuals with wild tempers and even wackier personalities. How you have been missed by Simmers all over the world!

Pine no more, dear friends. While most werewolves have been known to prefer solitude, when they are not summoned by the bewitching rays of the full moon, making them almost impossible to locate, I have discovered one that is craves society. I present Wolfie Werewolf to you. He is a committed werewolf who took the Vow of Permanence as a cub. There will be no changing back into human under any circumstance. Whether a full moon is out or it’s a sunny afternoon, Wolfie is not ashamed to reveal his inner (and outer) wolf. He is the complete werewolf. Warm (often times too warm with all that fur), with a fiery temper (probably,in part,due to constantly being overheated), which he has learned to vent with frequent, healthy bursts of roaring aggression and vigorous exercise. Exercise is the werewolf’s best friend. Much like gnawing on wood keeps the teeth of rodents from getting grotesquely long, exercise provides an outlet to the werewolf’s magnificent stores of power, giving them super buff beach bods at the same time. Which is a very good thing since they prefer to leave the swimsuit home when they hit the water.

Lest you come to think of Wolfie as simply an aggressive hairball of truly massive proportion, let me point out his softer, fluffier side which he usually reveals in the privacy of the shower, to the tune of his own howling. Yes folks, beneath that impossibly thick fur lives a true music lover and aspiring singer with a surprisingly deep and mellow voice.
That, you must admit, is something worth howling at the moon about.

Custom content: Though Wolfie will download perfectly fine without it, to prevent Wolfie from being fur-less and dreadfully embarrassed, please use the custom content below.

Vampire Teeth by Pickypikachu

Cat Noses by Pyxiidis

Leonardo Hair by Birkshes

by G1G2 at the Sims Workshop
Use the Bigfoot pants only.

Fur Skin Overlay by EmuMaster2002 at MTS

Brilliantsims 2 to 4 Conversion of Nilou’s Onomatopoeia Eyes as non-defaults, Naturals.

BOD-E by Lumialover Male top, Muscular Edition, (Use when the Sim is bare chested, It enhances muscle structure.)