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"Chips" to "Crisps" Text Replacement for UK Players.

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Uploaded: 17th Oct 2016 at 1:46 PM
Updated: 27th Jul 2021 at 4:30 PM - Updated File
Being a UK player, I can overlook most American spelling variations in the game. One that bugged me enough to make this mod though is that in the UK, potato chips are known as crisps. To us, chips are served hot and are most similar to fries. Having Sims eat a bowl of "chips" that were clearly not "chips" was too much for me.
I realise this is a very niche mod and that not a lot of people will get any use out of it but I thought I would share anyway just in case.

This mod is simply a text override that alters the text strings in game. All mentions of "chips" have been swapped out for "crisps" with the exception of "Fish and Chips". This includes on the fridge, bar, restaurant menus, tooltips, etc.
Also, "Chips and Salsa" has been renamed to "Nachos and Salsa". The things with that salsa are triangular, they're not chips/crisps whichever word you use.
The text changes also go as far as changing chance card text and object descriptions. Examples of these can be seen in the screenshots.

Snacks have a price in the screenshots due to newtoongamer's "No free snacks" mod.
This mod will conflict with any other mod that also alters the same text strings. I have attached a screenshot showing the overridden strings if you need to check. I am not currently aware of any mods that would.

Added a few extra text strings that have been added to the game since the mod was created.

Additional Credits:
No free snacks v2.0 by newtoongamer.