Tranquil Waters - A Water Nymph

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Dear connoisseurs of the fantastic, as I have, over the past few weeks, brought to your attention several, excellent, supernatural gentlemen of my acquaintance, I feel it is high time for you to meet a lady with amazing talents of her own. I speak of a most exquisite being, by the name of Tranquil Waters.

Her eyes are said to remind one of the sunlit ripples on a lake. Her lashers have been likened the sea foam. A creature of the water, she swims as gracefully as a fish. (She looks a bit like one too, with the tail and all. Not that it's overly large or tasteless tail. You'd never mistake her for a tuna, for instance.)

When you see Tranquil Waters sitting by the edge of a lake you may find yourself compelled to shout out Mermaid, but you must resist the urge at all costs, for she is a water nymph and considers it a great insult to be equated with mere mermaids who, as everyone knows, are mortal, and bound to the water.

Should the word "mermaid" slip out she will slide instantaneously back into the water and disappear. Well, not exactly disappear. More like transform. But she might as well have vanished, as, though you might be looking straight at her, you will not see her. Like the rest of her kind she is composed of purest water, and can easily revert to that form.

Though Tranquil Waters is the most pleasant of creatures, be warned. Through no fault of her own, she is a charmer whose glance can instantly bewitch sailors and landlubbers alike, sending them into frenzied passions that have been known to end in terrible heartbreak.

For this reason, wearing someone else's prescription glasses is strongly advised. The blurrier the image the safer your heart is from her influence. Unfortunately, one cannot say the same for the rest of the body, as accidental slipping and falling into nearby bodies of water may occur.

Water Nymph CC:
Mermaid tail swimswear by Nana (No shoes and Mermaid tail packages used.)
Grounders and Norsemen Warpaint by Necroberrysims (use the blush version, 1st row from the top, 3rd from the left)
Skin colors, ( group 31-33)
Fishscales Tatoo by Nenpy
See through Unbalanced Skirt by Marigold

Taty Lips 121 by Tatygagg at TSR
3D Lashes V2 by Kijiko (4th row from the top,1st from the left)
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YU093 Newsea Hair (The download page says YU093 F but it is the same hair.)
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Jumpsuit Serena by BEO
Collections Rita by Beo (The long dress)
Body Chain and Jumpsuit Crista by Beo

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