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Uploaded: 10th Sep 2019 at 5:16 PM
Updated: 12th Sep 2019 at 6:27 PM
I have another functional water cooler for you all today.
This version is based on the High-tech Water Cooler found at the Spa Venue in The Sims Mobile. I really liked the design and so I set out to recreate it for TS4. This object has been recreated completely from scratch based on screenshots I took on my phone.

The High-tech Water Cooler can be found under the Kitchen Appliances sort for a cost of 245 simoleons.
It is tagged to show up in the Lot specific catalogue sections for Spas, Gyms, the Science Lab and the Hospital if you use cheats to build there.
It comes in the six original Mobile swatches as well as two additional colours, yellow and pink, which I have added.
This cooler, unlike my previous one , is unbreakable.
Celeb Sims with the relevant perk are able to donate the cooler.

The cooler uses its own unique tuning so shouldn't conflict with any other objects or mods.
The desire to grab a drink from the cooler is the same as grabbing a drink from a sink as I haven't altered that.
The actual water pouring animation is missing. The sound plays but there is no visual water stream. I haven't figured out how to fix this nor has anybody I have asked about it. If a fix is found I will update it.

Polygon Counts:
LOD 0: 290
LOD 1: 290
LOD 2: 100

Additional Credits:
The Sims Mobile,