Healing from Anxiety and Liberated Traits

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"Healing from Anxiety" trait - Details:

With this trait i wanted to add a positive part to this disorder, the fact that's possible to FEEL BETTER. What i meant about "healing" is accepting it and deal with it.

I won't give you all the details about this trait because i think it's nice to find out during gameplays.

This trait has the following buffs:

Four buffs that are allowed indoors and home lot; (tense, inspired, uncomfortable and sad).

One that is allowed outdoors; (Happy)

Five that works practicing the following skills:

Fitness; (Focused)

Wellness; (Energized)

Singing; (Confident)

Charisma; (Happy)

Writing. (Focused)

You can find this trait under "Lifestyle" in CAS.

Works for Young adults and above.

Requires Spa Day (for the Wellness skill) and City Living (for the Singing skill).

"Liberated" trait - Details:

With this trait i wanted to kind of recreate the feeling of freedom that someone experience after healing or getting through some difficulty.

This trait has only one, constant buff:

LIBERATION & FREEDOM: this buff is always active, it gives +1000 of the Happy emotion.

This buff also increases:




Increases this following emotions too:







This buff also increases Friendship and Romance relationships.

You can find it under "Emotional" in CAS.

Works for Young adults and above.

Should be BASE GAME COMPATIBLE, if not sorry.

[U][B] Do not claim as your own, i spent DAYS doing it (I used "Mod Constructor" from @zerbu)