Guitar Legend

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Uploaded 21st Jun 2017 at 9:54 AM · Updated 14th Feb 2018 at 10:08 PM by Kialauna

Make your sim a Guitar Legend with this Trait.

This Trait has been uploaded to work after the Pets patch. Please re-upload to v2. (

02/14/2018- Try out the new Custom Guitars optional in the downloads tab!

Sims with the Guitar Legend Trait pick up on the guitar skill very easily. They were born to play! They tend to want to socialize and have fun more often. Charisma is also easier to obtain, these Sims sure do love to entertain their fans! Your Sim will excel in the Entertainment career. Promotions come easier to your musically inclined Sim. But your Sim can work from home too! Your Sim can earn higher royalty payments for their songs with the help of my added xml mod. Now kick back and watch the dough roll in while your Sim does what they love to do!

This trait is accessible through the "select a trait" menu in CAS. Search under the "Hobbies" category. (as shown in the images above)

This trait does not give your Sim any negative effects. All changes were used to heighten the personality. This Sim skills higher and easier with Charisma, a bit of comedy, Musicality and of course the Guitar Skill.

More on the Higher Royalty Payments:
An additional mod is attached with the Guitar Legend Trait. This package is also placed within the "mod" folder alongside your Guitar Legend Trait. No further work is required on your part. Your Sim will receive higher royalty payments for the songs they write. (Additional info: When your Sim has reached level 8 in "Guitar Skill" they will be able to write songs and at level 9 they will be able to sell them via the mailbox)

Special Whims
Your Sim will experience special Whims. These Whims will happen often because Guitar is life! Your Sim lives, sleeps, and breaths to be a Guitar Legend.
<License a Guitar Song
<Play the Guitar
<Serenade Someone with a Guitar
<Jam on the Guitar
<Enthuse about Guitar Solos
<Mentor Someone on the Guitar

Complementing Traits for "Guitar Legend":

Creative Trait: Creative Sims get inspired more often. This can boost your guitar skill level immensely when added to the Guitar Legend Trait.
Music Lover Trait: Your Sim will be even happier when they play their guitar.
Loves The Outdoors Trait: When playing your guitar outside for fun or for tips your Sim is also getting outside which will make them happier as well.

If you want both the Guitar Legend Trait and higher royalty payments for your Sims you must place both files contained in the .rar into your mods folder!

The added "higher royalty payments" mod was made using tuning mods. This mod may have a conflict if used with a similar mod. (more royalties for guitar songs)
The following xml was used in the higher royalties mod: S4_37EF2EE7_00000000_0000000000018Acc.xml
The Guitar Legend Trait may or may not conflict with other musically inclined trait mods. Please use at your own risk.

Additional Credits:
xml extractor
xml tuning mod
notepad ++
Zerbu's mod constructor

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