Holiday Roof Lights

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Uploaded: 3rd Nov 2017 at 7:09 AM
Updated: 23rd May 2021 at 4:04 PM

Update 1/2/2019 Added file HW_treePine-LightOverlay & 1/3/2019 Updated the tree to make it recolorable - thank you StephSim!
The seasonal pine tree does not maintain it's light recolors (other than white) outside of summer. I separated the mesh and created two new objects (tree and lights) that you can combine together. The lights will retain their recolors and the tree will still have the nice seasonal snow overlay. The tree is §250, the lights are §50 and both are located in Lighting / Miscellaneous.

Holiday Roof Lights:
Seasons or higher expansion pack required

I love the creator themes and I enjoy them even more when I get excited about an idea - like roof lights for the Seasons and Celebrations theme! I repurposed some Maxis meshes and made them into roof deco so you can go all out decorating your Sims houses this season.

***These are cloned from roof decorations so you'll need any expansion pack Seasons or higher for them to work.***

  • Collection File
  • Player/Live mode friendly (deco hides with the roof off)
  • Covers Hipped and Mansard rooves
  • 45°, 35° and 15° angles for Gabled and Shed rooves
  • DIY wall set that's building cheat friendly Note: These are cloned from curtains and require Goggalor's ALL shiftables to be height adjustable. I recommend installing all of them (so everything in game shifts) but if you'd rather not all you need Lee's shiftcurtains2 here for the DIY wall lights to shift.


Video: Some babble and demonstration. Unfortunately the video quality turned out poor - the lights are pretty in game.
  • The wreaths and pine tree are lighted but the roof lights aren't (too much light with every tile lit up!). I recommend using invisible lights where needed. Nix has a lovely set of invisible lights here .
  • These won't be replaced with a Maxis object if you remove these from your download folder.
  • The Gable Wreath is the master for the set.

Everything is located in Lighting / Miscellaneous and is priced to sort in a logical order for ease of use.

Lights: §10 - §38 / 1 subset
Wreath: §300 / 2 subsets
Pine Tree: §300 / 2 subsets

TERMS OF USE: None. Happy holidays and thank you for downloading.

Polygon Counts:
Lights: Range from 238 to 745 (see chart)
Wreath: 1182
Pine Tree: 1167

These aren't particularly high poly but they're not low. If you need to limit your landscaping for performance reasons you'll probably want to limit how many of these lights you place too.

Additional Credits:
The pine tree was cloned from Gwenke's seasonal shrubs and was a life saver! SimPE, Maxis for the meshes and textures and MTS as always for hosting, the knowledge and for the inspiration too.