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Colonial Tract Door - Single Tile Tall

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Uploaded: 25th Apr 2018 at 3:28 PM
Just something I needed while I was building. I have already done a shorter door , but it was only as tall as the door. In my current build I wanted something as tall as the"Midnite Ride" windows. I've also included a taller version of my sidelight to match this door.

Things to Know
No Diagonal for the sidelight because the door on the diagonal fits the middle of the tile and does not fill the tile (because I don't like the look of really wide doors). Because of this the sidelight sits away from the door on the diagonal and is pointless.
Repository method has been used, so all recolor for the two tile Colonial Tract Door work on this.

All polys compare to the original door since I scavenged that door to make mine.

Polygon Counts:
1288 (north+south) for Door
156 (north+south) for Sidelight