Crustikus Maxis Addons: 1 Tile Dressers & Mirror

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Crustikus 1 Tile Dressers and Rustic Glass Mirror

I have just what you wanted! Three more 1 tile Season dressers. I found three when I was looking (one | two | three) so this makes 6 to choose from .

They’re different sizes, animated, have 3 slots per tile, are slaved to the Maxis "The Crustikus Dresser by Earl Crustikus IV" country dresser that came with Seasons and will pick up any recolors you have.
  • 1 Tile - Counter sized | General/Dresser §230 | 2008 Poly
  • 1 Tile Small - Still 1 tile but smaller | General/Dresser §230 | 2008 Poly
  • Nightstand - Nightstand sized. Note: The drawer opens but your Sims do not reach down to open it. | General/Dresser §230 | 1850 Poly

The bonus dresser top mirror is slaved to the standing "Rustic Glass" country mirror. The mirror is a separate mesh positioned to fit on the dresser (or any counter).
  • Dresser Mirror | General/Dresser §230 | 709 Poly

Terms of Use: None.

  • Food Prep / Counter OMSP by Silent Lucidity I love to use this dresser as a kitchen island and side board and a counter OMSP is needed to make them functional.
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Polygon Counts:
709 to 2008 See post for exact counts.

Additional Credits:
Maxis meshes and textures, SimPE, Milkshape.