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Oceanview Bed and Breakfast

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Uploaded: 7th Sep 2018 at 11:23 AM
Updated: 7th Sep 2018 at 11:46 AM
Resort Description:
Why pay all that extra 5 star resort amenities you won't need? Yet you probably don't want a wonderful vacation ruined by staying in some roach motel. Then come book with us at Oceanview Bed and Breakfast where we are privately run by normal folks such as yourself. Our rooms are clean and our staffs are courteous, you will get the most out of your dollar without worrying about dirty sheets, expired foods, or bed bugs.

Bridgeport Location:
Located in the Bridgeport harbor, you'll get the best view of the ocean and the city skylines without the traffic and the noise.

We offer basic amenities to keep you entertained and relaxed, whether you just want a scenic picnic, a soothing massage, play some darts or pool, or just lounge around at our ample lounging areas.

Food and Drink:
Breakfast and Lunch are served everyday fresh from our kitchen by our professional mom and pop staff. Bar opens after 1pm til evening for your convenience.

Clean Rooms:
Our rooms are clean, professional, yet with a dash of homeliness so your stay with us will feel just like home.

Booking and Pricing:
So book with us today, our prices are always affordable and competitive. We'll leave the parking space for you.


Lot Information:
Believe it or not, this was actually originally a residential home. This is one of my first creations years ago in Bridgeport. When IP came out, it seems almost natural to transform this into a bed and breakfast. The lot is the original lot in this location in Bridgeport, hence why the odd size. It is extremely tiny for a resort, which is always a plus.
- This is a normal flat lot, not a beach lot. So if you place it somewhere else, you probably want to rename it b/c it is only called Oceanview b/c it has an ocean view.
- Lot size is 17x23, it is recommended you place it on a 20x25. This will also give you extra room to landscape as you can tell this original lot is built for efficiency in mind, leaving not much room for landscaping.
- No real issues other than the usual check-in desk and trashcan being displaced. Simply use "moveobjects on" and place them according to the screenshots or wherever you like.
- This is virtually a CC free lot, with the exception of the resort RH and the Zen Massage table.

Floor Plans:

EP List:
All EPs listed are what I have, though not necessarily used. You will need IP for resort lots, university for the pool table. All others should be optional.

CC List:
* "Island Paradise Rabbit Hole Rug" - By Margaret Pendragon, Available Free at Simsl3gacies. (Link) Every resort requires a resort tower. You will require this resort RH rug set for any resort to work.

* "Infinite Zen Massage Table" - Sims 3 store. (Link) Completely optional. You do not need this if you do not want a massage room. It is recommended if you do use this, download Arsil's "Professional Massage Table" mod to generate a NPC masseuse. (Link)

Lot Size: 17x23
Lot Price (furnished): 179380
Lot Price (unfurnished): 86147