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'I See' Set for Teens and Elders

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Uploaded: 2nd Jan 2019 at 12:40 PM
Updated: 28th Jan 2019 at 12:05 PM
This set marks not only my first upload for 2019, but also my first conversion for elders!
Initially, I converted this set only for teens, but the vintage look suits elders as well, so I gave it a go.
It wasn't very difficult to make, other than the top having a lot of vertices thanks to the ribbon, making it a bit confusing to select vertices,
and coming across a truly bizarre meshing decision on one of EA's earliest tops.

  • Even though the pics show them together, the top and bottom are separate.
  • The "I See London" Chemise and "I See France" Bloomers are both from the Store Palace of Versailles set, but you don't need the adult version to use them and these don't conflict with it.
  • All morphs and LODs, including maternity. By design, elders only use the fat morph in-game.
  • They are all enabled for Sleepwear, Makeover, Maternity, Random.
  • They all have 3 channels and 3 presets, with 4x4, 8x8 and 12x12 pattern tiling.
  • Custom thumbnails.

Polygon Counts:
Teen Chemise / Bloomers:
LOD1: 3710 / 1178
LOD2: 2092 / 725
LOD3: 1012 / 484

Elder Chemise / Bloomers:
LOD1: 3710 / 1178
LOD2: 2128 / 888
LOD3: 1170 / 534

Additional Credits:
Poses: Elexis, PixelJackpot, k2m1too
Skins: Kurasoberina
Hairstyles: Cazy, Iggysaurus-Rex 1 & 2, BeaverhausenX
Backdrop: Murano