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Suburban Survival - CC-Free

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Uploaded: 20th May 2019 at 3:27 AM
Continuing from my apocalypse community set...
Most apocalypse lots use masses of glorious custom content, and fully-constructed tower houses cost far more than your founder should be able to afford. My goal was to build a set of decent apocalypse starters, without CC, utilizing the goodies Maxis gave us already.

The first lot was a very basic tower, following the original build rules.

This house, the Suburban Survival, was designed for Phaenoh's variant, which is less strict about building design, and more about storytelling and realism. Here, you have an ordinary family home, which has weathered the worst of the disaster, and is ready for your survivors to begin their lives anew.

Suburban Survival
Phaenoh's guidelines allow much more varied apocalypse houses, as long as your building is raised and your floorspace adheres to the 8x8 limit — which means 64 tiles per level, but it doesn't have to be square! Four floors are permitted, including basement/carport and roof area, for a grand total of 256 tiles, if you want to push the limit.

My suburban house comes in under that, at 211 tiles when fully accessible. As packaged, the house has 124 tiles of usable floor space, roughly equivalent to two tower floors. The extra areas are blocked off for later 'renovations'.

The loft above the carport can be accessed by removing one wall from the landing on the stairs, which opens a ramp into that area. The balcony above the porch, and a chunk of space at the top of the stairs, are also walled off. The porch is mostly blocked, with minimal access to the grill and front door. Yes, this will be inconvenient — but so is the apocalypse! Things will improve as you go along.

Walls and floors are covered, but in a mishmash of leftover carpet tiles and mouldy wallpapers. A few bits of furniture survive, although your founder may prefer to upgrade or move these on arrival - especially the single bed (taking up the main bedroom), which you won't be allowed to shift after starting the challenge. Parking is allowed for, although there is no actual driveway placed.

The front door opens into the main living space, open except for a tiny bathroom. The stair landing is a great spot from which to view the snow. Upstairs is a larger bathroom (unfurnished) and master bedroom. The upper hall is spacious enough for extra beds, more so after some remodelling.

Furnishings are limited (no lighting!), but provide the necessities while your founder gets established.

The house is split-level — CFE has been used liberally to create the look. This means some areas will be hard to alter if you are not familiar with building in this way, and there are a few oddities such as distorted walls in places.

You will need to use the movebjects cheat to place a driveway extension under the carport — I think it is because of the foundation.

The carport has a dark area visible against the house wall, where the split level has been created, but this doesn't impact play, and will not be visible if you play from the front right corner as designed (see pic). This vantage point gives you a view over most of the house — ground floor, loft and carport - from just one viewing angle. You can even click on the vehicle without moving your point of view.

A copy of the Suburban Survival has been thoroughly tested, by about five generations of my apocalypse sims. I have included a picture of the house with one of my families in residence, to show you how it looks with different decor and an alternative layout. You can also see where the loft has been opened and made into a separate room - otherwise there is a lot of shooing!

The first lot, the ApocaTower, is here: http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=627696

I hope this house brings you (and your simmies) joy!

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price (furnished): $16,932

Additional Credits:
Many thanks to Pinstar, Phaenoh and the numerous others who have created, updated and maintained the Apocalypse Challenge over the years.

Created using Numenor's AnyGameStarter, for a clean environment.