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ApocaTower - Starter - CC-Free

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Uploaded: 20th May 2019 at 3:22 AM
Updated: 20th May 2019 at 5:03 AM
Continuing from my apocalypse community set...

This is the first of three houses built for use in the Apocalypse Challenge, which use game content only, and provide affordable starting accommodation.

Most apocalypse lots use masses of glorious custom content, and fully-constructed tower houses cost far more than your founder should be able to afford. My goal was to build a set of decent apocalypse starters, without CC, utilizing the goodies Maxis gave us already.

This first house is a very basic tower, which should be compatible with Pinstar 's strictest rules, apart from lot size — but that has been factored into the build. The other two (to be uploaded separately) are designed for Phaenoh's variant, which is less strict about building design, and more about storytelling and realism. All the houses are priced under $20 000.

The tower will need extensive renovation as you move through the challenge, adding floors, stairs etc as well as furnishings. Feel free to CC it up as much as you like!

ApocaStarter - The Tower — for the purists

By Pinstar's rules, your founder is to purchase an empty 5x5 lot at the start of the challenge, and begin to build their tower according to the specifications. After buying the large lot, your founder would have $4800 left out of their 20K handout. So, if a smaller lot is preferred, the initial build should cost no more than $4800 plus the price of the lot.

My 2x2 lot therefore comes in just under that cost. To be absolutely strict, players should deduct the remaining funds from their founder after moving in.

Specs for the apocalypse tower are that it be 8x8 tiles, built above ground on columns or foundation. There can be several floors. An accessible flat roof is encouraged, but must be covered by an awning if objects are stored there. Vehicles are allowed, but must be parked under cover of the house.

Starting objects are minimal in any case, but because of the extreme funding limitation in the strictest ruleset, this house contains the very barest essentials — even less than the challenge allows.

The full 8x8 base is provided, but the structure above that is only one storey, and not fully complete. There are no railings on the staircase, very few windows, and less than the 8x8 enclosed. The door is small — good for security but not convenient with more traffic. There is just one room, with very basic furnishings.

Your sim will probably want more stuff as soon as it is affordable - including a separate bathroom, no doubt!

MoveObjects will be required to place a driveway.

I have used floortiles to mark a space at the back of the room for future stairs. The current placement of the bed is blocking that area. I suggest deciding how to manage that as soon as your founder moves in - either move the bed (because you aren't allowed to, once you start properly) or choose a different place for your access to upper levels.

Although there is no actual CC in the lot, I have benefitted from using the Nightlife walls edit by HugeLunatic:Unfinished Walls Are Free!. If you don't install this mod, your tower will cost more. Or you could remove the wall coverings to maintain the value of the lot.

I have included a more developed picture of the tower as my sims are using it - with an upper storey and CC wall coverings - just so you can see the potential.

Let the apocalypse begin!

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price (furnished): $6,391

Additional Credits:
Many thanks to Pinstar, Phaenoh and the numerous others who have created, updated and maintained the Apocalypse Challenge over the years.
Created using Numenor's AnyGameStarter for a clean environment.