Peggy 3893 with random Pooklet (Wanda Roth's hair)

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Uploaded: 12th Aug 2019 at 4:05 PM
What is this? tl;dr
Random Pooklet V3 textures on Peggy 3703 (mesh included in download).

What is this? Story-time version
So this started with me wanting to add a small touch of blue to the hair of Wanda Roth, from the Roth Legacy Gen4, like so:

But then I just started playing around in photoshop with Pooklet's V3 textures. There is no rhyme or reason to rest of the colors. I just did whatever I wanted until I didn't feel like it anymore.

The black and most of the colors are just normal Pooklet, though the BlueOops was from a combo of one color with the adjustments of another color over it. I don't remember what two colors it was, it just looked cool so I went with it.

Genders: Female only
Ages: All, as in toddler, child, teen, young adult, adult, and elder.
Grey: Doesn't go grey or change for elders, since old people can use hair dye too.
Binned: None/No.

Download Includes
  • The Peggy mesh since is dead.
  • Each of the colors as a separate file. I used normal color names (blue, red, etc) instead of pooklet colors names (tnt, guncotton, etc.) to make it easier to tell what's what.
  • A small preview from Bodyshop to make it easy to know what this one is once it's in your downloads folder.
Install Instructions: Download, uncompress, and place all .package files in your Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Downloads. See Installing Custom Content for more info.

I've added the psd file as a separate download file if anyone wants to continue applying Pooklet's wonderful textures to this mesh. The psd file can't be used by the game and should NOT be put in your downloads folder. If you don't know what a psd is, you don't need it.

Mesh 3893 by (again, site is dead now)
Pooklet for their wonderful V3 textures