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Agobar's Ruin Bench - for Get Together

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Uploaded: 17th May 2020 at 7:02 AM
Updated: 29th Dec 2021 at 12:02 AM
Requires the Get Together EP

Originally ''The Appropriated Ruin'' (decor) has now transformed in ''Agobar's Ruin'' - a functional bench.

*Catalog Location: Comfort & Outdoor Furniture
*Name: Agobar's Ruin
*Price: 450 Simoleons
*Catalog Description: Light of Elysium: the ship's commander is a heavyset dragon named Agobar,
who is searching for the legendary sunken kingdom of Forlinde, this old ruin is what remained from him.

check ''show custom content'' in the catalog

! The bench can also be found by typing ''Agobar's Ruin'' into the build mode search bar

! The bench has 3 sitting spots; 2 frontal and 1 on the side. Maxim 2 Sims can sit together at the same time.
Because of the bench's shape there will be a small gap when the Sim will sit on the lower part of the bench, but I would say it's not disturbing (see pics)

There are no known conflicts.

For game problems in general, it's always good to know how to clear your Origin Cache

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