Couch Together

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Uploaded: 14th Jan 2016 at 2:28 PM
Updated: 18th Jan 2016 at 10:36 AM - add a screenshot: the big bang theory

That famous Sims-4 release-date advertisement is amazing. So many Sims can couch together on one sofa -- but it is only on this picture, but not in game. Even after one and half year since the game is released, this feature doesn't appear with any update, SP, EP etc. I've really missed it.
Thus, I've made my Couch Together Mod. Look at my game screenshot below. I am so excited to make it possible: more than 3 Sims can sit together on one sofa and talk to each other! It's not photoshoped.

Attention: These are not CC poses, but partly invisible seats. Sims sit near to each other causes partly overlapping of their bodies. But sometimes, you can get very nice screenshots.

How to apply this mod?
- Find the 3 mostly invisible seats under: Buy mode/comfort/living chair (2 for sitting on an armrest of a sofa**, 1 for sitting on a sofa height);
- Place them near a sofa for example like the screenshots below. Each seat has a round dot as a mark of the seat position. (It's very small. see the red arrows).
- There are more possibilities to combine a sofa with these extra seats. It's up to you to place them: in grid, off grid or turn the angle of seat - all works!
- Click the objects on the floor (Mega books, obened book or stylus) to let Sims sit on the wanted place. *

* All these 3 objects on floor don't block the walk way. But If you place other objects within it's green marked area and less than a half grid before the green arrow, it could block the sims to take the seat or leave the seat.
** The 2 sit-on-armrest seats are made to fit the base game "cuttlefish sofa" armrest and other sofas with similar armrests.

I hope, this couch together feature would be a good add-on stuff for the newest EP Get Together and SP Movie Hangout.
My mod is base game compitable.

I have also inculded the Sims 4 logo as wall decal in download. It has 4 variants and is recolor of basegame wall decall. The 4 logos in my screenshots of group photos are all 2x enlarged.
You can browse top frame to see more group photos made with this mod. There are also screenshots to show you how did I make this stage.

The TV series The big bang theory in Sims 4, no cc, except my Couch together mod , which makes the scene looks a little more authentic and vivid.

4 packages in download:
- ArtruiCouchTogetherAddASeat: 4 colors; Price: 1; Comfort: 10; Polygons 60
- ArtruiCouchTogetherSitOnArmrest1noFootPrint: 3 colors; Price: 1; Comfort: 10; Polygons 100
- ArtruiCouchTogetherSitOnArmrest2noFootPrint: 5 colors; Price: 1; Comfort: 10; Polygons 108
- ArtruiTheSims4Logo: 4 colors; Price: 1

Hope you all enjoy,
It would be nice, if you make screenshots with this mod. tag me #artrui or @artrui. I'd like to see the effect in your games. Thank you.

Polygon Counts:
see above

Additional Credits:
Sim 4 logos;
Sims 4 studio, Blender, Photoshop,;
Thanks tutorials on S4S forum;
The big bang theory scene