Sims 3 Hidden Stencils Unlocked + Fixed!

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Uploaded: 10th Mar 2021 at 7:31 PM
Updated: 29th Mar 2021 at 8:35 PM
Hi all, here is yet again another mod that attempts to fix EA's sloppy mistakes.

So, in case you aren't aware there are many items in the game that should have more stencil options included. Now it seems like the folks over at The Sims team got "juiced" (i have no other explanation) and they just linked these objects to completely different unrelated textures, hell, some don't even have them enabled to begin with! What's even funnier is that these textures are ALREADY WITHIN your game files, taking space for absolutely no reason!

This is an issue that has been happening since base game and no attempts were ever made to fix these items. After searching through different forums and by digging in the game files I decided to track down as many affected items as I could find and fix them myself, as the very few fixes I could find online were either outdated, broken or scattered in pieces everywhere.

[There are also a lot of store items affected by this issue. I'm hoping I can get them fixed too in the future]

Ok that's cool but what even are stencils?
Stencils are essentially different textures that cannot be recolored, that add additional "details" to an object.

  • In order for the correct thumbnails to regenerate, you need to DELETE the ObjectThumbnails.package file, found in your Documents/Electronic Arts/TheSims3/Thumbnails folder
  • Most stencils WILL NOT affect already placed items, you will need to recolor them again.
  • Removing the mod, will NOT remove any unlocked stencils from your saved items as they are already in your game files.
  • In some systems placing the mod in a sub-folder instead of your main Mods folder will result in some stencils not showing up. I don't know what or why but if you don't see some stencils try moving your mod in the main Packages folder


Below is a list of every item that has been altered by the mod. Note that ANY mod that alters the OBJD resource of the specified items will conflict with my mod (this mainly means recategorizer mods etc.):

I also included some FIXES for the items shown below.
The 2 plants had some weird white edges on their leaves because their supposed 3rd cast channel was disabled, so I enabled it back.
The country counter's stencil alpha layer was "washed up" so I fixed it to match the rest of the set.


Inside the .rar file there are different package files, each associated with their own packs. Simply pick and choose the ones you have and place them in your Mods/Package folder.

The mod will conflict with ANY other mod that alters the OBJD resource of the listed items. (usually these are recategorizer mods)

Additional Credits:
EA/Maxis SimPE