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Firefly Default Replacement Redux

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Uploaded: 20th Jul 2021 at 6:02 PM
Updated: 20th Jul 2021 at 6:14 PM
This mod gives you a choice of eight new colours for the in-game fireflies.

I always loved the Fireflies that your sims can catch if you have the Seasons expansion pack. By default, they are a luminous green, and give a green light.

4amMist did some beautiful recolours here on MTS that I use a lot, and I also made some different colours here. However, all of these recolours affected only the fireflies themselves, and did not change the colour of the glow beneath the jar, or the light they gave.

Now, I have remade my recolours, as well as 4amMist's original colours, and have recoloured the light glow and transmitted light too.

You can only have one firefly default override in-game at any time.
Please remove any of my or 4amMist's recolours before using, and also any other mods you have which affect firefly colour. Choose only one colour- you can only have one in-game at a time!

If you use Nopke's Smooth Firefly Jar Light Animation
My firefly recolours will break Nopke's Smooth Firefly Jar Light Animation. Thanks to Nopke's generous sharing policies, I have used their original files to make versions for each colour with the smooth animations included. If you want to use these, remove Nopke's mod and replace it with one of my recolours. Again, use only one!

You may have only one colour in-game at a time, and whichever colour you choose, you may have either the original animation version OR Nopke's smooth animation, but not both.

The files with the original EA animations used are named:

The files with Nopke's smooth animations used are named:

For details of what Nopke's smooth animation mod does, please see their original upload thread.

How to use
Use 7zip to unzip ONE colour to your Documents/ EAGames/ The Sims 2/ Downloads folder.
Delete the file and refresh caches to remove this mod.

Resources used

Big Credits:
Many thanks to 4amMist, whose firefly default replacements I based these on. I remade their original colour choices- red, cyan, white- for this mod.

Top marks to Nopke, whose firefly smooth animations I have reused here, to allow my recolours to be compatible with their mod. They made things easy for me by guiding me to the right resources!

Much appreciation goes to vegan_kaktus and Azelanne for the fabulous research in this thread which helped me enormously.

Without the work of the above modders, I would not have made this mod- they did all of the brainy things and hard work! Full credit and big thanks is due to them. Their work is very much appreciated!