The Woody: All Turf, No Surf

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Uploaded: 29th Apr 2022 at 8:09 PM
Updated: 30th Apr 2022 at 12:31 AM
I love classic cars, and TS3 has a surprisingly good selection of them. Hidden away in a Dr. Pepper promo is the beautiful Seaside Ride, a classic woody station wagon of the type made famous by the surfers of the early 60s.

It's a great car for that purpose, but...I kinda just wanted a classic station wagon, and the surfboard hanging out the open back window ruins it a little. Not only that, but the windscreen is too narrow, the bar above it is too thick, and the car seems to be based on a late 1930s Ford Deluxe woody, which has a split windscreen design - which the Seaside Ride lacks. So I fixed it.

The Woody is the Seaside Ride but a little more classic - the surfboard has been removed, textures altered to remove its shadow, and the windshield has been remeshed to bring it a little closer to the late 30s early 40s look and feel. It's the same aside from that - four recolourable channels, lovely chrome details, not too quick, not too slow. It's the kind of car that is equally at home in Roaring Heights as it is parked out in grandma's old garage. It's a unique and fully standalone object, you don't need the original for this to work.

For those of you that want the Seaside Ride without the surfboard but prefer EA's original windscreen, I include that version as an option, too. You can have both in your game at once. There's a version of this already online, but that creator didn't install a rear window or remove the surfboard's shadow from the textures. You can have both in your game, both cost 8000 simoleons and are available in Vehicles / Cars.

Poly count:

The Woody:

LOD0 - 6439 verts / 6140 polys
LOD1 - 2734 verts / 1946 polys
LOD2 - 1471 verts / 984 polys

Woodside Ride:

LOD0 - 6406 verts / 6128 polys
LOD1 - 2706 verts / 1936 polys
LOD2 - 1443 verts / 974 polys