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Auto Map View

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Personal Picked Upload! This is a personal favourite of the creator!
Uploaded: 4th Mar 2024 at 4:56 PM
• This mod automatically toggles map view if you reach a certain zoom out level.

It's my first script mod, and I'm super excited to release it. It should be bugless. I've tested it with my own saves and haven't experienced any issues, but please let me know if you find any. 

Installation guide
• Download & unpack .zip, and place the file in your mods -> packages folder.

Additional usage guide
• This mod adds a new cheat automapview true/false. Mod is enabled by default.
It can be used if you really need to turn the mod off; it should be preserved until the game restart.

Tech stuff
• This mod shouldn't conflict with anything because it's non-core.
It can block build and buy modes if you change the tunable kHideBB value to true, but it's disabled by default.

Amazing community on TS3CreatorsCave discord server. Especially Eca!
S3PE, SharpDevelop, dnSpy
It wouldn't be possible without the amazing tutorials on this site!