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Arboretum Map View Visibility Change

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Uploaded: 29th Oct 2014 at 3:04 PM
Updated: 7th Jul 2018 at 8:21 AM - Update announcement
Update This thread is sort of obsolete now. There's a newer thread by me: Clutter Your Map - Rabbithole Map View Visibility Changes that offers mods for almost every rabbithole in the game. Sorted by EPs and with an extensive list of what each zip contains. I have re-added the arboretum there and it can now be downloaded in the set of Supernatural rabbitholes, too. I have made no changes to the mod itself, though. It is still the same here and there.

New Gizmo by Don Babilon: Arboretum Map View Visibility Change

This mod changes the visibility of the Arboretum rabbithole in Map View. By default the Arboretum would replace any blue lot type marker with its own, red, tag. That's pretty much the normal behaviour of almost all rabbithole buildings. So, if you place the Arboretum in a Big Park, the blue park bench icon will be replaced by the Arboretum icon. I changed that.

Map View will now go from this:

To this:

Now the Arboretum tag is visible alonside the blue lot type marker. It is a simple XML tuning file.

Resources changed and possible conflicts
This mod changes the Arboretum_0x5b5b11caea9af0de XML file in GameplayData.package. It will conflict with any mod that changes the same resource, such as gesimz' Investable Arboretum mod, that is available here:http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=459861
Therefore I decided to provide various flavours to prevent this conflict.

In addition this mod will also conflict with NPCs Exit Rabbit Holes Much Faster, a mod by bluegenjutsu at simsasylum.

Other flavours
Version 1: DonBabilon_Arboretum_v1_MapTagVisibility.package
this is just the base and only changes the map view behaviour as described. This will conflict with gesimz' mod.

Version 2: DonBabilon_Arboretum_v2_MapTagVisibility+InvestDefault.package
adds the investability function like gesimz' mod. Use this to replace gesimzInvestableArboretum.package

Version 3: DonBabilon_Arboretum_v3_MapTagVisibility+Invest.package
adds the investability function and changes the values with my own tuning values. The default Return On Investment values were a bit odd: Investment came at 1,000§ and gave you 50§ in weekly returns. Buying out the property came at an additional 8,000 and gave you 200§ in weekly returns.
I changed this to values that are more in line with other rabbitholes: initial investment is still 1,000§ but gives you 140§ per week. Buying the whole building is an additional 3,000 and nets you 300§ in weekly returns.

Version 4: DonBabilon_Arboretum_v4_MapTagVisibility+Invest+LotPurchase.package
adds investability, with my tuning values, and adds the ability to purchase the lot on which the Arboretum is placed. Default behaviour prevents this. You couldn't buy the Beach lot if the Arboretum is on it. Now you can.
Note that this mod does not make lots purchaseable that are not by default (lots like Small Park, Visitors Allowed, No Visitors Allowed, Firestation etc.). You will still need gesimz' other mods from the same suite if you want that, too.

Version 5: DonBabilon_Arboretum_v5_MapTagVisibility+LotPurchase.package
this version only changes the visibility flag and adds the ability to purchase the lot on which the rabbithole is placed. But you cannot invest in the rabbithole.

Quite obviously you will need the Supernatural EP for this mod to have any effect. This mod will also affect any custom Arboretum rabbithole objects, like Margaret Pendragon's rabbithole rug or Darkitow's Arboretum portal for Lunar Lakes. In fact, my screenshot was mainly done by peppering the whole area with the rugs.

This mod will go into your usual mods location.

Credits go to Queen Inge Jones and her Prince Consort Peter for giving us S3PE and nonamena for their tutorial on making XML tuning mods. If anything goes wrong with my mod then it's nonamena's fault
Additional thanks to Arsil and Buzzler for helping me. A lot.

Terms of Use
If you upload this mod somewhere else as your own and charge money for it make sure to send me an invitation to your funeral after you've succumbed to alcohol and hookers because of all the money you earned from it.